What Are You Hoping to See in Dr. Who Series 7?

After a long wait, we are finally coming down to the last few Doctor Who-less moments of our lives, and I simply cannot wait. Sereis 7 premieres on BBC America this weekend, and from what I understand, it's going to be less about an overarching storyline and more of a collection of many standalone Doctor Who "movies," similar to how Sherlock is filmed (as revealed by producer Caro Skinner).

This means there's plenty of opportunity to play with our expectations, have some fun, and give us some new and old friends along the way. I've been busy creating a wishlist of the moments, people, and monsters I'm hoping we see this season, and I thought I'd share a few of them with you.


I've been dying for the Adipose creatures to return since they first appeared in Series 4. They're adorable, they're bad guys without meaning to be, and they're a great example of the devilish wit of Steven Moffat. I'd love to see them come back, even if it's only to tiny-high-five the Doctor.

A fitting goodbye to the Ponds

It's not even slightly a spoiler that Amy and Rory will be leaving this series, to be replaced by a new companion during the Christmas episode. I've loved the combination of Rory's inner strength and outer cowardice with Amy's fiery impulsiveness and faith in her raggedy Doctor, and I'll be very sorry to see them go. But I'm still dying to know just how will they go. Death? A life of Earth-only pleasures, perhaps with a baby they get to raise this time? Will they be so angry with their Doctor that they decide to never see him again? Will the increasingly reckless and dark Doctor banish them for their own good (again)?

Bonus: Will Rory ever tell Amy, his wife, to stop flirting with the Doctor? I know they're all friends, but come on...


We know that the premiere episode features a smorgasbord of the villain we all love and hate equally, the Daleks. A lot of Daleks. Like, all of the Daleks. My favorite Dalek episodes are the ones where you get to see inside their armor, to the weird, sad, runny-egg-like little guys that live inside them. I am hoping that this newest Dalek episode lets us get more inside their heads to figure them out, even as they are senselessly, eternally hellbent on extermination.

New York City

We know that Doctor Who has filmed some scenes in New York City, a continuation of the love affair that the Doctor has been having with America, but we have no idea why. In my heart of hearts, I'd love to see the Doctor team up with the 1980s Ghostbusters and try to convince them that Slimer is actually an alien, not a ghost. I think my heart would explode. But aside from that, I'd be happy for he Doctor to run across another NYC stalwart, like Woody Allen or Jerry Seinfeld. (I'm aware that the NYC episode is Amy and Rory's, so I'm probably very far off on this wish.)

Real historical figures

One of my favorite recent episodes was the Van Gogh episode, where Amy, Rory, and the Doctor tried (and failed) to save Vincent Van Gogh from his own demons. What other historical figures could show up in this season? I would adore it if the Doctor and the gang ran across Ed Wood in a situation where he isn't just a bad filmmaker, he's also plagued by actual vampires. Maybe they try to help him fight his monsters and make better movies, but they only succeed on one front, and his terrible movies remain.

The Gangers

I really loved these monsters. I loved how they looked, I loved the ethical implications, and I loved how the show used them to double- and triple-fool us throughout Series 6. I'm not a betting woman, but if I were, I'd put my money on these guys coming back to be creepy and cause us to question who's real and who's not.

River Song

Oh, River. How could I love you any more? (Spoilers ahead!) River was revealed to be the child of Amy and Rory in Series 6, but also a part-time lord, as being born in the TARDIS gave her all kinds of powers. She is also the Doctor's love and travels around in time, meeting him in various stages of understanding with regard to their relationship. So what can the writers possibly do with her now, to top all that? I'm hoping that for once, the Doctor will be forced to do something completely dangerous and sacrificial in order to save River (instead of the other way around), so we can finally see the extent of his devotion to her. Oh, and I want to see her in battle again. Definitely with the Judoon.

There are a million other things I'm looking forward to, like the return of the Weeping Angels, the Doctor's new companion, and dinosaurs, but I couldn't fit them all here. What are you hoping will happen in this newest season of Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Series 7 premieres this Saturday, September 1, at 9pm on BBC America.

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