What Did You Think of The Office's Baby Episode?

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The Halperts have had quite an eventful year, have they not? First, they got married in a special one-hour episode, which kicked ass. And last night, they had a baby in another special one-hour episode. Except I don't think the baby episode kicked as much ass as the wedding one did. Am I wrong here?

"The Delivery" had its moments. It's just that Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was in most of them, stealing the limelight from proud new-daddy Jim. It was annoying as hell, until I remembered that Michael is actually the main character on The Office, and that the consistency with which he's been portrayed over six years is astounding. This is the same guy who wanted to steal the show at Phyllis and Bob's wedding, and again at Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim's (John Krasinski) wedding, so it only made sense that he ignored the "Family Only Beyond This Point" sign at the hospital. It also made sense that he was the first of the Dunder-Mifflinites to hold baby Cecelia Marie. Pardon me for saying it, but that shit was touching.

In fact, a lot was touching about this episode. Krasinski delivered probably his best acting performance ever on the show. He transitioned seamlessly from "Jim, the funny guy who stares dopily at the camera" to "Jim, the frazzled and frustrated dad-to-be" without losing any of his character's comedic timing. That scene with the breastfeeding coach? Priceless.

Other touchy-feely moments included Dwight (Rainn Wilson) propositioning Angela (Angela Kinsey) to have a baby with him for business purposes, Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) sharing huge meals with Pam, and the entire staff trying to distract Pam from her contractions with their random talents. It was all one big episode of warm fuzzies! And yet... I don't get the same feeling that I got from the wedding episode. Why is that? Has there been too much PB&J; this season? Can there ever be too much PB&J;?

What did you think?

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