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What Do You Think of Our New Look?

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With the internet an amorphous beast of tubes and hamster wheels that's growing faster than the gravitational field around Glee creator Ryan Murphy's head, change is inevitable. Simply put, it's necessary in order to avoid becoming Geocities 2.0. If you take a look at this story page and the homepage and show pages, you'll notice has undergone a facelift.

New looks can be exciting. New looks can be scary. We understand.

The homepage has been updated to accentuate our editorial coverage, the most popular shows and episodes on the site at any given moment, and our expansive library of TV-related information. We realize we rearranged the furniture a bit while you were away, but we think that once you get used to the new surroundings, you'll find that you can get to want you want faster and easier. (For a more detailed rundown of the changes, check out this blog post.)

But we're looking at from the inside-out, while you're looking at it from the outside-in. And so we want to know what you think: Consider this post HQ to offer your feedback. Let us know what you like and don't like, as well as what you'd like to see in the future.

In the meantime, keep watching TV and we'll keep giving you a place to discuss it, research it, and love it.

Tim and the rest of the staff

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