What Do You Think of ThunderCats' New Look? (VIDEO)

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Those of us who grew up watching the after-school cartoons of the 1980s are very protective of them. While our parents were out clubbing to Men Without Hats or spending late-nights at coke parties on Wall Street, we were being raised by Megatron, Snake Eyes, and Lion-O.

There's a certain magic to old 'toons like Voltron, The Transformers, G.I. Joe, and ThunderCats that hasn't been replicated in the past few decades. That's not going to stop people from trying, though. Cartoon Network has just unveiled the trailer for its reboot of ThunderCats, and it looks as though the series has been updated with an anime flavor.

Whether it's because of new animation technology or something else, you'll see the shading and coloring are pretty different. Compare the new trailer to the show's original style:

Did you race home from school to watch the old ThunderCats cartoon back in the day? What do you think of the series' new look?

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