What if Dora the Explorer Starred in Inception?

This would happen.

The worst part about The Hills ending is that Joel McHale's Hills commentary ended with it.

Wait. Wolf Blitzer had offspring?


... Who is king of the Whedonverse? I'll give you one guess.

... The fact that David Cross is joining Will Arnett's (potentially awful) new show Running Wilde makes my heart sing.

... You may think you love True Blood, but you do not love it as much as this woman.

... Big Brother 12's Annie talked to People about her short-lived Saboteur stint.

... Here's the trailer for the Asian version of Jersey Shore. Guess it's really happening.

... Community creator Dan Harmon talked to the Seattle PI about catching Betty White fever.

... And Community star Danny Pudi talked to GQ about his awesome Cinderella story.

... Okay, now I want one of these awesome Showtime bags that they're going to be giving away at Comic-Con. The hunt starts now.

... Can you believe that all of these movies failed miserably even after being hyped at Comic-Con?

... Apparently Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen has some redeeming qualities. Who knew?

... Mad Men's Crista Flanagan (a.k.a. the John Deere secretary) is strippin' down for Playboy.

... I would very much like to be a Yale student right now. Here's why.

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