What Should You Watch This Halloween Weekend?

Halloween weekend looms and the schedules are packed with fearsome offerings. So, if you forget to pick up your trick-or-treating outfit from the drycleaners, stay in and soak up some on-screen ghoulishness instead. Below we outline what to watch in order of transmission...

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files - All day Thursday on SyFy
Ever captured something unexplainably spine-chilling on camera? Now, a crack team of investigators set out to prove whether ghostly footage sent in by the public is the real deal or stuff and nonsense. What a clip, here.

Zombies: The Truth - Friday at 9pm on National Geographic
Lately, the undead have flooded TV schedules (The Walking Dead being the next exciting addition - next Friday 5 on FX) so it’s about time we learned if zombies pose a threat in real life. Some Voodoo practitioners insist they exist so here scientists examine the evidence and assess whether a zombie apocalypse is imminent.

Dexter - Friday at 10pm on FX
All season we’ve watched the cop-come-killer joust with Trinity (John Lithgow). Now, the series four finale sees Miami Metro homicide close in on their target. Prepare yourself for a gruesome twist.

The Simpsons - Saturday and Sunday from 7-8pm on Sky1 The Halloween weekend is jammed with frighteningly hilarious Simpsons’ episodes. On Saturday, Homer battles mutants while Bart is genetically fused with housefly. Sunday’s highlight is a Sweeney Todd homage.

Paranormal Investigation Live - Saturday and Sunday at 9pm on Living
Two teams of researchers head to one of the country’s spookiest destinations in the hope of witnessing some paranormal activity. But will their evidence receive a swift debunking by Living’s in-house scientists and historians? Watch the trailer.

Thorne: Scaredy Cat - Sunday at 9pm on Sky1
With the help of Sarah Chen (Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy), DI Tom Thorne (David Morrissey) investigates a pair of almost identical murders--including a mother killed in front of her infant son.

Vampire Forensics - Sunday at 9pm on National Geographic
We may have dismissed them mythical monsters but half a millennia ago, Venetians believed bloodsuckers were real. Discover here what lead the people of 16th-century Venice to suppose that vampires walked among them.

100 Greatest Scary Moments - Sunday at 9pm on E4
Film and TV have thrown up every imaginable monster and gruesome scenario. Now, Jimmy Carr presents a rundown of the most screen-chilling moments ever committed to camera, as voted for by the British public.

Pyschoville - Halloween Special - Sunday at 10pm on BBC2
Tune in for a quartet of terror-packed tales written by and starring the ghoulishly brilliant Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. Location manager Phil Walker investigates whether the ghost of evil Governess Edwina Kenchington still haunts a derelict psychiatric hospital.

What, if any, Halloween shows will you be watching this weekend?

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Oct 28, 2010
Agatha Christie's Hallowe'en Party was great

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