What to Watch: August 23 - 29

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TV.com's pick of the best TV shows on Aussie screens this week.

Come Dine With Me Australia
New series. If you saw My Kitchen Rules then you will be familiar with the idea of hosting dinner parties for strangers -- but this format was actually first. This week's group includes a woman who was a dream analyst to Princess Diana, a former Marine and a student journalist. With its wry commentary from James Valentine you'll see plenty of humorous moments as they snoop around each others' homes while taste-testing those three-course meals.

Airs: 8:30pm Monday on LifeStyle

The Secret Millionaire
New series. Carly Crutchfield is just 29 years old and with her successful property business is already a millionaire. When she is sent to Frankston in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs she meets volunteers at a kitchen for the homeless, a group of cancer survivors who socialise together via a Chinese dragon boat team and a family with a daughter whose illness is yet to be diagnosed.

Airs: 8:30pm Monday on Nine

Final. Just six episodes long this season, but no less impressive are the machinations of the Kovac family in this unsettling drama. But the memory of father and husband Vince (Ben Mendelsohn) still hangs over them. This week Ally (Justine Clarke) learns some shattering news that puts her on edge. Meanwhile, Christine (Catherine McClements) can't resist her attraction to Spiros (Don Hany), but son Max (Blake Davis) can't hide his contempt.

Airs: 8:30pm Tuesday on Showcase

Premiere. Claudia Karvan plays a dentist who leaves her husband and moves into a new apartment. There's just one problem. It's inhabited by a ghost, played by Matt King. This new drama is a curious quirky drama that attempts to offer an alternative from the usual mix of melodrama and procedurals that dominate free-to-air TV. If you're looking for something a bit off the wall, this is worth a look. From the team behind Love My Way.

Airs: 7:30pm Wednesday on W

Such is Life: The Troubled Times of Ben Cousins
This controversial two-part documentary looks at the headline-grabbing AFL footballer and his roller-coaster battle with drugs and fame. Filmed across two years, this promises to be a warts-and-all look at an athlete whose notoriety is just as reputed as his skill on the field. Bound to generate a lot of media comment.

Airs: 8:30pm Wednesday and Thursday on Seven

City Homicide
There are three familiar faces this week: John Waters, Michael Veitch and Marg Downey (the latter two both from Fast Forward). One of them will portray a cold-blooded killer in this satisfying episode. But Nick (John Adam) will have difficulty in juggling his empathy for someone whose personal tragedy has seen them channel it into a misguided vendetta.

Airs: 9:30pm Wednesday on Seven

Yes We Canberra!
Final. A hung parliament? We can probably expect lots of "well-hung" gags in this electoral wrap up from The Chaser boys as they look back on Saturday night. We'd like to nominate Abbott's 36-hour all-nighter, Maxine McKew's dumping (could she come back to Lateline now?), the forum at the home of the Broncos plus Channel Nine's "dead duck" shooting gallery. And Gillard's use of the word "nego-c-iate".

Airs: 9:30pm Wednesday on ABC1

There are three story-lines this week as Josh (Callan Mulvey) turns hero again for a teenager he has already assisted, Lawson (Rodger Corser) encounters a young couple determined to get married before one faces an important court case while Stella (Nicole da Silva) negotiates with a publican whose hotel is under attack from a mob. It's conflict resolution that still drives this fresh drama.

Airs: 8:30pm Thursday on TEN

Best known for her role in Absolutely Fabulous!, Jane Horrocks gives a boisterous performance as wartime singer Gracie Fields. The biopic focuses on her relationship with Italian film-maker Monty Banks (Tom Hollander with an exaggerated accent) who kept Britain's spirits alive with her songs of patriotism. Horrocks uses her own vocals in a performance that shows the personal side of a veteran performer.

Airs: 8:30pm Sunday on ABC1

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