What to Watch: Christmastime

With only three weeks until Christmas, the networks continue rolling out their Christmas specials and movies. Here's what to watch three weeks out from Christmas!

Bewitched: A Vision of Sugar Plums

Thursday, 1 December, 12pm - 12.30pm, Go! (G)

Samantha meets an orphan who doesn't believe in Santa, so she whisks him away to the North Pole where the aforementioned orphan gets to hang out with the aforementioned Santa, who is, in fact, real. So, for all you doubters out there...

A Christmas Carol

Friday, 2 December, 5.20pm - 7pm, FMC (PG)

A retelling of the Dickens classic, Disney's A Christmas Carol has all of the essentials: Ebenezer Scrooge, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come, Colin Firth and Jim Carrey.

November Christmas

Friday, 2 December, 10.15pm - 12am, Universal Channel (PG)

One of the nicest and most heart-warming Christmas movies, November Christmas is about a seriously ill eight-year-old girl who may not live to see Christmas. With the help of the whole town, her family pushes each holiday a month earlier, ending with Christmas in November.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Christmas at the Tipton

Friday, 2 December, 11pm - 11.30pm, Disney Channel (G)

Zack and Cody are snowed in at the Tipton Hotel, and get stuck in the elevator on Christmas Eve with a woman giving birth. Sound like a familiar Christmas tale? Baby ... getting born ... in an unexpected place ... at Christmas ... well, it should sound familiar.

Jamie at Home: Christmas Special

Saturday, 3 December, 6.30pm - 7.30pm, LifeStyle Food Channel (PG)

Jamie Oliver shows you how to handle the pressures of preparing the enormous Christmas feast, and also how to prepare said enormous Christmas feast.

Everybody Loves Raymond: The Toaster

Saturday, 3 December, 7pm - 7.29pm, Eleven (PG)

Ray gives his meanie old parents a toaster for Christmas, and they return it to the store for a coffee machine without even opening up the toaster box. Ooooooh.

Nigella's Christmas Bites

Saturday, 3 December, 8pm - 9pm, LifeStyle Food Channel (G)

Cooking Queen Nigella Lawson shows us her best Christmas recipes and tips to take the stress out of yuletide. She may also drink Twinings.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Sunday, 4 December, 5pm - 6.06pm, Disney Junior (G)

We're not sure why he's still a beast and she's still wearing provincial-girl clothing; is this supposed to be set somewhere in the middle of the original movie? Never mind, it's got the original voice cast, and new songs!

Christmas with The Australian Women's Weekly

Sunday, 4 December, 6.30pm - 7.30pm, Nine (G)

Maggie Beer teaches Gold Logie-winner Karl Stefanovic how to create the perfect Christmas ham; Jules Lund pairs up with AWW food editor Xanthe Roberts to create a beautiful gingerbread house; Catriona Rowntree demonstrates how to keep the littlies out of your hair while preparing for a big family Christmas; Emma Freedman and Shannon Fricke show you how to stylishly decorate your Christmas tree; Luke Mangan, Marcia Hines (not Deni Hines, thank goodness) and Lee Kernaghan cook up a country-style Christmas dinner; and Giaan Rooney celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Kmart's Christmas Wishing Tree.

Christmas Lights Spectacular

Sunday, 4 December, 7.30pm, The LifeStyle Channel (G)

Cricketer Matthew Hayden (he must have some sort of sponsorship deal with Santa) takes us around all the best Christmas lights in Australia. We wonder if any of them will be as good as the ones in the video below?

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