What to Watch: May 3 - 9

TV.com's pick of the best TV shows on Aussie screens this week.


A live-to-air forum on the fallout of the Melbourne Storm's NRL disaster. Hosted by Jenny Brockie, this will look at the scandal from all perspectives. Can News Limited afford to let the Storm fold and lose a rugby league presence in Melbourne? If there is an open inquiry into the rorting, can the game handle the truth? In the audience are fans plus ex-South Sydney coach Jason Taylor, ex-Melbourne Storm player Clint Newton, and a Melbourne Storm sponsor. This show is always comprehensive and balanced and will challenge those other footy shows on the subject.

Airs: 7:30pm Tuesday on SBS ONE

The Pacific
This week's episode is a bit like being dumped into Saving Private Ryan. It's relentless warfare, so you will likely either love it or hate it. The marines arrive at Peleliu, another tiny island that becomes a ferocious battleground with Japanese forces. Gary Sweet guest stars as a loud, buffed US marine and look out for Anna Torv. Next week, a double episode.

Airs: 8:30pm Wednesday on Seven

Premiere. This wickedly funny British comedy comes from the naughty team behind League of Gentleman. What is it that ties a strange rabble of characters across the UK together? They all receive a mysterious, anonymous letter telling them the same thing. The characters are bizarre, theatrical people including a very dodgy children's clown, an eccentric millionaire, an unhinged midwifery nurse, an intellectually disabled mummy's boy and a dwarf from a Snow White pantomime. The cast includes Dawn French and some actors in multiple roles. A lot of fun.

Airs: 9:35pm Wednesday on ABC1

This is it: the Madonna episode. Sue Sylvester models herself on the material girl and her female strength in this episode which had approval from Madonna herself. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison decides to have all the boys learn "what it feels like for a girl" and instructs the group to deliver a Madonna song. The musical numbers this week are glorious, even if the premise is a little thin. Jane Lynch in the shot-for-shot "Vogue" remake is a killer. Will become a classic Glee episode.

Airs: 8pm Thursday on TEN

Jimeoin: Over the Top
Premiere. Lovable Irish rogue Jimeoin gets his own comedy series which sees him in the Top End. Part travelogue, part fishing trip and part stand-up show he travels from Broome via Darwin to Byron Bay. His charming, underdog personality wins over audiences with absolute ease, but the gags are interrupted by brief scenes of him chasing crocs (or crocs chasing him), chatting to local characters and running naked on the beach. The result is a little unsatisfying only because it leaves you wanting either one or the other.

Airs: 8:30pm Thursday on Comedy Channel

The Inquisition
Special. If you are hooked on Underbelly then check out this documentary on the ABC that looks at the Wood Royal Commission and the relentless corruption that went on between NSW Police and those running King's Cross in the late 1980's. Told by the key players themselves, Independent MP John Hatton, Justice James Wood, Counsels Gary Crooke and John Agius, and Investigator Nigel Hadgkiss, it also features dramatic reconstructions.

Airs: 8:30pm Thursday on ABC1

MasterChef Australia
Australia is in love with the food and the competition of this second season, and Matt Preston to boot. We're still getting to know the many characters on the team and work out their strength and weaknesses. But the format has been strengthened by different themes for every week and Sunday provides an Invention test that will see someone win an advantage over the others. Tonight the question is whether to deliver a savoury duck dish or create a delectable dessert.

Airs: 7:30pm Sunday on TEN

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May 04, 2010
Who comes up with stuff like Pyschoville?
May 04, 2010
Only thing that sounds interesting is Psychoville..