What to Watch: November 15 - 21

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TV.com's pick of the best TV shows on Aussie screens this week.

William Shatner's Weird or What?
Premiere. Whether he's acting or presenting, William Shatner is one of television's most charismatic personalities. For this new series he is presenter, producer and creative consultant. There are three "Believe it or Not"-style stories here: a window-washer who survived a fall from over 40 stories, a woman who saw a chunk of ice the size of a basketball crash through her roof, and the bizarre case of human feet in sneakers washing up on Vancouver river banks. Shatner sparkles with curiosity in this perfect MythBusters substitute.

Airs: 7:30pm Monday on SBS ONE

Junior MasterChef Australia
Final. It's down to 12-year-old Jack from Tasmania and 12-year-old Isabella from Queensland for the inaugural title of Junior MasterChef Australia after Sofia and Siena were sent home on Sunday. But the show reminds us that every kid is a winner, and with this level of culinary skill they are spot on. The promos tell us what is to come has never happened before in the MasterChef kitchen. Could it be a dead heat?

Airs: 7:30pm Monday on TEN

Undercover Boss Australia
This week we follow Rachel Argaman, CEO of Toga Hospitality, which provides staffing to top Aussie hotels. Once again it is an empathetic but well-told look at select employees who are ideal subjects for the cameras. One even includes an employee who shares a very personal story about being HIV positive. Don't see that in this genre very much.

Airs: 9:30pm Monday on TEN

Red Riding
This powerful trilogy of telemovies adapted from the books of David Peace are based loosely on real-life murders in the UK. Set across three different time periods, the first is titled "1974" and stars Eddie Dunford as Andrew Garfield, a journalist who digs so deep into the murder of young girls that he becomes targeted by corrupt businessmen and police. This is an atmospheric art-house film with excellent performances, to be followed by "1980" and "1983" on successive nights, each under the watch of different directors.

Airs: 10:05pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on SBS ONE

Packed to the Rafters
Final. It's been a heavy few weeks, but in this final episode there is more angst in store as Ben (Hugh Sheridan) comes to realise it was his SMS that distracted Melissa (Zoe Ventoura) when she was struck by another car. Standby for more tears, people. But we will also finish the year on a note of optimism as Dave (Erik Thomson) finds forgiveness for Coby (Ryan Corr) and the family celebrates the first birthday for baby Ruby.

Airs: 8:30pm Tuesday on Seven

Raising Hope
Premiere. Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl) creates another working class comedy, this time set around a trailer-trash family with a heart of gold. Lucas Neff stars as Jimmy, a likeable 23-year-old who doesn't have much of a future. His world is turned upside down when a one-night stand sees him become a father to a baby whose mother is in prison. Can he make something of his life by raising a baby when his family is so hopeless? Some funny moments here and it's great to see Martha Plimpton, as Lucas' mother, in an ongoing role.

Airs: 7:30pm Wednesday on TEN

Tonight Catherine McClements gets all the best acting scenes after weeks of playing the mother of a drug-running son now reaches its climax. He becomes the target of a drug syndicate, but is her experience enough to save him? Meanwhile, Lawson (Rodger Corser) is criticised by his team for not showing enough grief over the death of Dom (Josef Ber) last week. Time to show there is more besides his tough exterior.

Airs: 8:30pm Thursday on TEN

Former Neighbours and McLeod’s Daughters hunk, Brett Tucker guest stars in this week's episode which involves the death of a young man who appears to have met his demise via the T-Rex from the Walking with Dinosaurs stage show -- a worldwide touring show that actually began in Australia. The plot thickens when they find blood on the T-Rex's teeth.

Airs: 8:30pm Thursday on Nine

Hamish and Andy's Reministmas Special
Special. It's a little early, but maybe that's the point. Hamish Blake and Andy Lee combine the Christmas spirit with some of their 2010 highlights for this cracker of comedy and lunacy. The real question is what will they do on TV in 2011? The answer: anything they like.

Airs: 7:30pm Sunday on TEN

Final. It's a double finale tonight and a solid way to wrap up the fallout of Nina (Asher Keddie) having sex with the boyfriend of sister Billie (Kat Stewart). It seems the bond between the two has been irrevocably broken and no amount of apologising or explaining will appease Billie. In the middle of it all is Chris (Don Hany), growing closer to his separated wife. Try as she may, Nina's world is falling apart before her eyes. It's a satisfying two hours and wait for the perfect song from Eddie Perfect as bad boyfriend Mick. It's a corker.

Airs: 8:30pm Sunday on TEN

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Nov 20, 2010
Rush and Offspring are brilliant Aussie drama's. Love that they are getting into the "What to watch" List :D
Nov 15, 2010
Nothing worth watching..