What to Watch This Labor Day: FXX Launches with a Parks and Rec Marathon, James Franco Gets Roasted, and The Writers' Room Tells an American Horror Story

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What to watch on Monday, September 2...

Parks and Recreation
That is not a typo. FXX, the new comedy-centric offshoot of FX, joins most major cable providers today, and what better way to greet the world than with 34 straight episodes of small-town shenanigans?

MARATHON, 1pm, Showtime
Re-live all the classic moments from the first nine episodes of the show's final season, like Quinn's quixotic quest to make sergeant, or that thing where Masuka has a daughter now, I guess?

7:30pm, Cartoon Network
Adventure Time
“Earth & Water” finds Princess Bubblegum holding her Flame-ier counterpart captive in response to the annihilation of the Ice Kingdom. “Bad Little Boy” then recalls happier, less-obliterated times for the Kingdom, when Marceline drops by for a visit.

8pm, 9:30pm, & 10pm, TCM
An Edison Album/Lumières’ First Picture Shows/The Story of Film: An Odyssey
Journey back to the earliest days of the moving picture, without having to find a magic phone booth. An Edison Album rounds up a series of short films shot by the Wizard of Menlo Park between 1893 and 1912. Lumières’ First Picture Shows collects the works of August and Louis Lumière, two of the first filmmakers in history. Then, in the first of a 15-part documentary series The Story of Film: An Odyssey explores the roots of the art form and the Hollywood mystique.

9pm, The CW
Breaking Pointe
What’s this? Bungles and boondoggles bedeviling the ballet? Can the company conquer an inundation of injuries and insecurities—or will tonight’s taunting title, “This Ballet is Cursed,” turn out to be true? Tune in and see—same Pointe-Time, same Pointe-Channel!

9pm, ABC
The judge in Grey v. Kim hands down a flabbergasting ruling, but Karen’s headaches don’t stop there in “When One Door Closes…” Elsewhere, Paul and April search far and wide for a missing Lucy, Joss tries to save the relationship after Alex makes a troubling discovery, and Savi’s attempts to move on from Harry are thwarted by a revelation about his restaurant.

10pm, CBS
Under the Dome
Buried secrets come to light, leading Big Jim to rally the Domevillians against Barbie in “Speak of the Devil.” Barbie’s closest compatriot is faring no better, what with Maxine bearing down hard.

10pm, Comedy Central
The Roast of James Franco
And across the dial, friends and colleagues of James Franco will attempt to penetrate his own dome of handsome insouciance. Among those launching insult-comedy projectiles are roastmaster Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, Jonah Hill, and Andy Samberg.

10pm, NBC
Survivors on Siberia searching desperately for resources and stumbling upon some ghastly disaster instead? Must be Monday! Elsewhere in “One by One,” one of the missing contestants reemerges, bearing chilling news that sends Sabina and Neeko scrambling to boost their defenses.

The Writers’ Room
Gird your loins for American Horror Story’s witch-tinged third season by reminding yourself that its thrills, chills, and nightmarish dance numbers aren’t real. They’re merely the brainchildren of showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

– Bradley Trevor Greive on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E! 
– Angela Kinsey and David Feherty on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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