What to watch this week on-air and online

For the week of February 23-March 1: Barack speaks! Plus this week's Lost is one of Darlton's favorites and Brothers & Sisters goes an extra hour. Online, check out the latest from Cupid, and all the glitz and glamour from the Oscars Red Carpet.

What to watch on television:

24--"Day 7: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM"

Monday, 9:00 p.m. Fox
24 has bounced back in a big way this year, as Jack Bauer continues to go all America on terrorists' behinds. Plus this hour takes place between five and six p.m., meaning Bauer has to fight... TRAFFIC!

Presidential Address

Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT All major networks
Speaking of going all America on people's posteriors, President Barack Obama addresses Congress (and a national audience) in his first big speech since signing the economic stimulus plan. Are we better off than we were before? Will the magical printing press print us out of this recession? Should we start stockpiling on ammunition and canned goods for our underground bunkers? You do have an underground bunker, don't you? If not, we'll see you one!

Lost--"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. ABC
When we asked Lost gurus Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse which episode this season they loved the most, they said this one without hesitation. How does Locke convince the others to return to the island? How does he die? And how does he become Jeremy Bentham?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles--"Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep"

Friday, 8 p.m. Fox
And some better watch otherwise this show may be off the air soon. Ratings are way down since Cameron and J.C. moved to Friday nights, so any eyeballs will help. And stick around for Dollhouse, immediately after!

Brothers & Sisters--"Troubled Waters"

Sunday, 9:00 ABC
A special two-hour Brothers & Sisters event means serious Walker family drama. A new member of the family is born, but another Walker is hit with a life-threatening crisis. Not your typical family issues.

What to watch on TV.com:

81st Academy Awards--Red Carpet video!

The nominees and presenters (such as Brangelina, Natalie Portman, and Sarah Jessica Parker) arrived at the Red Carpet looking fabulous. Shiny dresses, strapless gowns, sexy tuxedos, oh my! Oh yeah, some of them won awards, too.

Lost--Video Podcast

Steve Wozniak responds to Carlton Cuse's endorsement for Dancing with the Stars and prop master Rob Kyker shows us Montand's arm.

Party of Five--Clips!

A depressed Kirsten leaves Charlie (Matthew Fox we heart you!), Bailey goes to college and becomes an alcoholic, Julia struggles with her love life. We have such nostalgia for Charlie in plaid and his four brothers and sisters.

Saving Grace--Clip!

Get ready for next week’s new episode! After Grace’s partner Dewey goes on leave, Abby Charles (guest star Christina Ricci) comes in to replace her and she might not be tough enough for the job.

Cupid--Sneak Peek!

Love is in the air, or should we say arrows? Get a sneak peek at ABC’s new romantic comedy from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

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Terminator is one of the best shows. I'll watch Terminator and Lost
About Terminator: "Ratings are way down since Cameron and J.C. moved to Friday nights, so any eyeballs will help."

Big "duh" to Fox. They're killing an awesome show. Why do networks continue sending/keeping good shows to/on Friday nights? Instead of giving them a proper chance elsewhere in the schedule where they could get decent ratings? Doesn't help I'm still sore about Moonlight.
the only reason i'm still watching Lost is because i've been on board since the pilot, and i'm not bailing now. but there's way too much going on...
Saving Grace - that's it for me.
Jeremy Bentham FTW!
I will be watching the great fantastic show 24 ,,we all wait for u jack ..save the world
I will be watching Lost,Dollhouse and Terminator.
I'm so looking forward to Lost. I also like Brothers and Sisters so will definitely be watching the 2 hour special. Obama? No. Nothing to do with me personally.
looking forward to the Lost episode, thats about it from this list

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