What to watch this week on-air and online

For the week of May 4-May 10: More shows wrap up their seasons, including two possible high-profile-series finales: Scrubs and Dollhouse. And in these gloomy times, Michael J. Fox gives us a reason to keep our chins up.

What to watch on television:

House--"Under My Skin"

Monday, 8:00 p.m. Fox
This is the night many of you House-heads have been waiting for... a pair of characters play a little Doctor with each other. Dr. House treats a ballerina whose skin is falling off--wait what!?--but the grumpy doc is also battling insomnia. Is there anyone who can help him fall asleep? Oh yes, yes there is.
VIDEO: Watch Fox's steamy promo (spoiler inside, but nothing that hasn't already been trumpeted by Fox.)
INTERVIEW: Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) talks about the final two episodes of the season.

Better Off Ted--"Get Happy"

Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. ABC
Season Finale
We turned our back for one second, and all of a sudden Better Off Ted is the season's best new comedy. When did this happen? In the first-season finale (let's nope it's not the series finale), morale is low at Veridian Dynamics (as it is with all corporations), so Veronica literally lets her hair down to improve moods. Let's hope Better Off Ted is better off renewed.
VIDEO: Ted decides a little drinky during work lunch is okay to impress the good old boys.

Scrubs--"My Finale"

Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. ABC
Season (possibly series) Finale
Is this the end for Scrubs? Season eight winds down with a two-parter: J.D. leaving Sacred Heart for good, but he isn't leaving without answering some long-lingering questions. Chief among them: the Janitor's name... and it will be revealed!
VIDEO: The Janitor talks about mmm Night Shamalan.
NEWS: Maybe this isn't the end of Scrubs after all?

Bones--"The Critic in the Cabernet"

Thursday, 8:00 p.m. Fox
Our jaws dropped when we heard about the Family Guy/Bones crossover, and now it's finally here. Like House's long awaiting fling, Bones provides its own when Brennan asks Booth to be the father of her child--Yowza! But Booth is sick and begins hallucinating, getting advice from a wannabe world-dominating baby. As strange as it sounds, star Emily Deschanel says it works out great.
INTERVIEW: Emily Deschanel talks about the season's last two episodes of Bones.

Michael J. Fox--Adventures of an Optimist

Thursday, 10 p.m. ABC
This one-off special features the man who played Alex Keaton, Marty McFly, and Michael Flaherty as he globetrots around the world to get tales of hope and optimism from people in all sorts of walks of life. Fox also discusses his battle with Parkinson's and how it has given him a new look at life. Be sure to bring kleenex to this one!
VIDEO: Check out a sneak peek of the special.


Friday, 9:00 p.m. Fox
Season Finale
It's finally here... the finale of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It's been a topsy-turvy ride to get here... can this episode help the show win back the built-in fanbase that trickled away? In this episode, Alpha continues to haunt Echo, and it looks like one of the Dolls will be put away for good.
NEWS: Fox won't show the final episode of Dollhouse.

What to watch on TV.com:

Dorm Life--Recon Mission

Mike, Marshall and eight other college students consider going Greek, battle a rampant flu virus, play drinking games and hook up with anyone who is drunk enough. This isn't real life. This is Dorm Life. In this episode, the gang puts a camera on a Roomba... for some reason.

Watchmojo--Something for everyone

Office midget sex, a lesbian interview, 10 things you shouldn’t say to your girlfriend, crazy street interviews about threesomes and other comedy skits await you at Watchmojo’s video page! Watchmojo also brings you the latest in fashion, film and music, browse these videos and you’ll be sure to find a video that’s right for you!

Pretty Wicked--True Lies

It’s not the movie, it’s a game the wicked girls play where they guess which facts are truths and which are lies. "I slept with my teacher." Um, true, you little hussy?

Mental--Trippin' Balls!

FOX has a crazy new drama about a cute and unconventional psychiatric doctor who comes up with kooky ways to treat his patients. In this clip, a patient has a normal Thursday night for me.

Fringe--Walter messes with burnt bodies

Walter and the team investigate the plausible phenomena of pyrokenesis. It’s not science, it’s not fiction--it’s science fiction. In this clip, Dr. Walt examines some charcoal... wait... that's not charcoal... that's... A HUMAN BODY!

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SCRUBS is not going to end you deush...It's just another episode...!!! Maybe something special but nonetheless an episode dude...!!!
I love Scrubs, going to miss it so much. Excited for the finale though. Sounds good.
House was amazing, now I'm waiting for Bones and Dollhouse.
Not many good shows on this week.
I'll watch the Scrubs finale. I hope it's the series finale. Let the show die in peace.
I am pretty much sure that Dollhouse will Rock it , also Bones
Going to watch Bones and Dollhouse.
Yeah, it's not gonna be the finale of Scrubs this week, was pushed back due to Obama talking last week....stupid site
Can't wait for bones!!!
Yea Stewie on Bones!
I'll be watching Scrubs for sure!

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