What to Watch This Weekend: Fringe, Anne Hathaway on SNL, and Family Guy's 200th Episode

What to watch on Friday, November 9...

9pm, Fox
Hopefully "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There" answers the big question that's been on everyone's minds since Peter upgraded himself with an Observer's core processor at the end of last week's episode: Will he lose his hair!?!? Joshua Jackson has beautiful hair! Look for Peter to be an ass-kicking machine as the group investigates a "pocket reality," whatever that is.

9pm, The CW
Owen is back! In "Consequences," Amanda sends a rogue Division agent named Anne to free him from a Russian prison (what is this, Covert Affairs?), but once she does, he escapes from her too and gets in touch with Nikita. Plus Maggie Q's legs.

9pm, NBC
According to the official synopsis for "To Protect and Serve Man," Hank "remembers an arrest he made earlier in his career when a man claimed he committed murder in self-defense against monsters"—does that mean the guy was a Grimm? Also, Monroe gets involved in an "unexpected situation"; could Rosalee finally be back?

9pm, CBS
Gary Sinise gets his Colonel Mustard on tonight in "Clue: SI" in which the CSIs investigate the "systematic" murders of a psychiatrist's patients and must play a game in order to the catch the killer. Professor Plum! In the library! With the revolver!

– Meredith Vieira, Richard Cohen, James Spader, and musical guest Christina Perri on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Anderson Cooper, comedian Myq Kaplan, musical guests Alberta Cross on Late Night With David Letterman, 11:35 am, CBS
– Taylor Lautner, Kevin Pollak, and musical guest The Wallflowers on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, CBS
– Eric Idle, Emily VanCamp on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, November 10...

Wedding Band
This hour-long comedy about buddies who play music at weddings stands a good chance of being canceled quickly, considering its Saturday timeslot. But hey, Brian Austin Green and Harold Perrineau are in it! In the pilot, one of the guys has a difficult decision to make when his ex-girlfriend asks the band to play at her wedding, where a prominent event planner will be in attendance.

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Anne Hathaway hosts; Rihanna performs. Thank goodness the election is over and the show can give some of the political stuff a break!


What to watch on Sunday, November 11...

7pm, NatGeo
Space Dive: Felix Baumgartner's Jump from the Edge of Space
This documentary tells the story of Felix Baumgartner’s recent sound-barrier-breaking free-fall jump from 24 miles above the Earth. Hopefully it won't get postponed like four times due to weather.

9pm, Fox
Family Guy
Family Guy celebrates its 200th episode tonight, a real television miracle considering it was canceled by Fox in 2001. In "Yug Ylimaf" (hold your computer screen up to a mirror and read the episode title for a real treat), Brian goofs off with Stewie's time machine and causes time to run in reverse. For a baby, that's really bad news.

9pm, AMC
The Walking Dead
In the aftermath of last week's totally insane episode, Rick goes cuckoo and Michonne gives The Governor another round of suspicious glances. Also, some of your favorite characters might meet grisly, gruesome, disgusting deaths. That's The Walking Dead for ya.


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