What to Watch This Weekend: Grimm, Justin Timberlake on SNL, and The Mentalist

What to watch on Friday, March 8...

9pm, The CW
Welcome to your new night and time, Cult! It’s a low-key bunch here on Friday nights, so go ahead and get comfortable. Just, y’know, don’t go joining a gym in this neighborhood or anything quite yet, you never know how long you’ll be sticking around, right? What? No, hey, I’m sure things will work out great for you here, I’m just saying that... things happen. Anyway, what’re you up to this week in “Being Billy”? Oh, Jeff runs into a surprise visitor at Nate’s apartment? How ‘bout that.

In keeping with the FCC’s new requirement that Friday nights offer at least one Portland-based program at all times, Grimm returns for a new round of monster-eradicating zaniness. “Face Off” finds Nick investigating his own crime, coming to grips with the truth about Juliette and Renard, and fielding an offer of assistance from Monroe, while Renard strikes up an unexpected alliance.

9pm, CBS
Golden Boy
In “Young Guns,” Clark and Owen’s latest case involves the murder of a gang member and the injury of a teenager at a housing project. In squad room happenings, Arroyo threatens to expose Clark’s use of confiscated money to pay a CI. That money was supposed to buy a new Roomba for the break room, dammit!

9pm, Starz
Spartacus: War of the Damned
As Roman legions recapture Sinuessa, Spartacus and Gannicus must each lead daring escapes from the city in “Spoils of War.” Within the walls, Laeta’s homecoming is less hospitable than she might’ve hoped; and Tiberius must organize a celebration for Caesar, who will straight-up gut the kid if he makes one more joke about where to order the pizza delivery from, he swears to Jupiter.

10pm, Cinemax
Carrie and her family make a mad dash to get out of Dodge as Rabbit closes in on her and Lucas in “Always the Cowboy.” Meanwhile, Proctor introduces Rebecca to the business world, and Alex sics some muscle on a work stoppage gumming up the casino’s operations.

– Highlights from earlier in the week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Chi McBride and Laurie Holden on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, March 9...

10:30am, Cartoon Network
Young Justice: Invasion
In the series’ penultimate episode, the Light arranges a summit (hence the episode title, “Summit”) in order to decide the future of the team and the planet. Advance word indicates that representatives of the Light will include Cartoon Network programming executives... so nobody ought to get their hopes up too high, is the moral here.

SERIES 1 FINALE, 9pm, BBC America
Ripper Street
Reid’s past haunts him during the pursuit of a kidnapping victim, while a member of the team comes under a cloud of dire suspicion as “What Use Our Work?” ends a Britishly short season. In other developments, I begin a mad search to fill the rapidly dwindling ranks of What to Watch on Saturday.

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Let Justin Timberlake show you a few things about variety entertainment when he returns as both host and musical guest.


What to watch on Sunday, March 10...

8pm, ABC
Once Upon a Time
Rumplestiltskin strikes up a costly arrangement with the young Cora (guest-star Rose McGowan), who’s tasked with spinning straw into gold in “The Miller’s Daughter.” In Storybrooke, present-day Cora and Regina team up to take down a weakened Mr. Gold, while Mary Margaret again feels the lure of dark magic.

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
Lisa can’t make heads or tails of why her new substitute teacher has singled her out for abuse, but Simpsonian historians can theorize that guest-star Tina Fey is simply balancing the karmic scales tipped by Dustin Hoffman 22 years ago. In other Springfield shenanigans occurring in “Black Eyed, Please,” Ned lashes out when his parents enjoy Homer’s company more than that of Flanders fils.

9pm, AMC
The Walking Dead
In “The Arrow on the Doorpost,” Rick and The Governor consider a detente, so brace yourselves for 44 minutes' worth of pulse-pounding treaty negotiation and diplomatic protocol! The minister plenipotentiary from the Duchy of Zombirania sends profoundest regrets that he cannot attend the summit.

9pm, Showtime
Nothing spells wholesome family togetherness like a fake funeral. As the Gallaghers gather in “Where There’s A Will” to honor the dearly not-yet-departed Aunt Ginger, Frank’s cousin Patrick triggers a round of scheming over her bequeathments. Meanwhile, Kev and V continue their efforts to get with child.

9pm, HBO
Hannah’s impending deadline and overbearing publisher tax her teetering state of mind in “On All Fours,” while Marnie takes a step toward her new ambition. Meanwhile, Adam and new girlfriend Shiri Appleby hit a bump in the road, because half an episode together is more than enough time for Adam to foul things up royally, so good job Adam.

10pm, CBS
The Mentalist
Patrick Jane must come clean about his role in Lorelei Martins’ prison break when she rears her head once again in “There Will Be Blood.” She’s on a mission to learn whether Red John is connected to her sister’s death, and also to see if anyone has DVR’d the episodes of Downton Abbey she missed while in the slammer.

10pm, History
Ragnar recruits a crew for his daring westward voyage, and only the bravest and beardiest berserkers need apply. Elsewhere in “Wrath of the Northmen,” Earl tries to root out the village’s disloyal elements.


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