What to Watch This Weekend: Grimm, Lots of Good Guest Stars on The Simpsons, and Downton Abbey's Season 4 Premiere

What to watch on Friday, January 3...

8pm, The CW
The Carrie Diaries
Larissa doesn’t mince words when offering relationship advice to Carrie in “Under Pressure,” while trouble at home spurs Sebastian to make a rash decision. Meanwhile, Mouse and Donna bond, and Mouse throws a gathering that erupts into a shindig before edging into hootenanny territory.

9pm, NBC
A Wesen with apparent healing powers may be neglecting the Hippocratic oath in “Red Menace.” Elsewhere, Juliette aids a friend who’s facing domestic difficulties, Renard greets Adalind with harsh advice, and Hank makes a pass at his physical therapist.

10pm, NBC
No longer harmed by the rays of Earth’s yellow sun, Grayson sets out to restore his humanity and his tan in “Servant to Two Masters.” But Harker is still mighty cheesed about his recent manipulation, and he’s determined to pay Grayson back. Meanwhile, Renfield’s boss schleps him off to Budapest to retrieve a mysterious relic.

Zilch. Hey, your New Year’s hangover should have run its course by now, so why not go out and get started on a new one?


What to watch on Saturday, January 4...

10:30am, The Hub
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
A big-city fashion competition draws the gang in “Rarity Takes Manehattan.” But Ponyville’s chicest designer may find her hopes of winning undermined by an unscrupulous rival.

8pm, Discovery
A Star Wars-themed episode finds Sophia Bush joining the team as they test the physics that helped the Rebel Alliance take down the Empire. Would Endor-style guerilla tactics really whoop a technologically superior foe? Could the warmth of a Tauntaun actually keep Luke alive in Hoth’s deep freeze? Weren’t those, in fact, the droids that lunkhead at Mos Eisley was looking for?

9pm, BBC America
In “The Rules of Engagement,” Jason is devastated by the news that Ariadne and Heptarian are to be wed. Naturally, he works through his emotions by pummeling dude after dude in a pre-wedding fighting tournament—but waiting in the wings for Jason is the formidable groom-to-be himself.

10pm, BBC America
The Graham Norton Show
The cast of Anchorman 2 and the surviving members of Monty Python are among more than a dozen scheduled guests this week, which must strain the show’s green room capabilities to their very limits.

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live: Best of This Season
Relive favorite sketches from the season so far, including that one where that new cast member did a funny character, that one you saw people share online like 50 times the next day, and that one all your friends were raving about even though you thought it totally sucked.

11:30pm, Fox
The Following Season 1 Recap
Relive favorite moments from the first season of Fox's cat-and-mouse thriller, including… um… well, look, I’m sure there are people out there who enjoyed something that happened on this show. And those people have now filled out 22 minutes of late-Saturday-night airtime.


What to watch on Sunday, January 5...

MARATHON, 12pm, Showtime
Prepare for next week’s return by mainlining all 12 hours of the Gallaghers’ antics and adversity from Season 3.

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
Bart introduces Homer to the wonderful world of online movie piracy in “Steal This Episode,” destined to be a companion piece to “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment” in some future symposium charting the evolution of The Simpsons through the eras. Guest-stars Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and Channing Tatum have already done the advance reading for that.

8:30pm, Fox
Bob’s Burgers
A burger convention draws Bob and Linda out of town in “Slumber Party,” leaving the Belcher brood in the care of “Uncle” Teddy. No doubt he’ll keep a tight lid on things and the kids shall get up to no tomfoolery on his watch.

Downton Abbey
Six months after Matthew shuffled loose the mortal coil, Mary and Isobel remain mired in grief. While the household tries to buoy their spirits, Violet seeks to land Molesley a job and O’Brien sparks a new mess of trouble.

9pm, CBS
The Good Wife
When Alicia represents a band in a copyright infringement suit, Will sees an opportunity to join the opposing side and get all up inside her head. Elsewhere in “Goliath and David,” Eli has a mission for Kalinda to avert a scandal in the making.

9pm, NBC
The Best of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
NBC gives its Tonight Show-host-in-waiting some primetime exposure with highlights from his current talk show’s five-year run.

9pm, ABC
In “Homecoming,” suspicions and recriminations abound in the aftermath of the wedding-day chaos. Hopefully the open bar hasn’t been tapped completely dry yet.

SERIES PREMIERE, 10pm, History
The Curse of Oak Island
Two brothers scour a cryptic island off the coast of Nova Scotia in search of a legendary treasure trove in this docu-series. But the terrain is fraught with perils, and the legend foretells that one more life will be lost before its riches are revealed.


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Wrong episode of Bob's Burgers. Slumber Party is airing tonight. The plot listed above is from Uncle Teddy. smh
Yay, The Good Wife is back!
Sunday: +Downton Abbey, but I've already seen it.
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