What to Watch This Weekend: Grimm's Fall Finale, Jeremy Renner on SNL, and the American Music Awards

What to watch on Friday, November 16...

8 pm, CBS
Undercover Boss
This week's episode focuses on Cinnabon Inc., purveyor of the finest airport cinnamon rolls money can buy. Will we learn the secret of why the icing looks like bodily fluid? Tune in to find out!

9 pm, NBC
"Season of the Hexenbiest" is Grimm's fall finale, which likely means more excitement than usual and perhaps even a cliffhanger or two. Adalind is back and town and has her eyes on Nick’s friends and family. Revenge! ABC’s not the only network that can do it.

9 pm, Fox
With "Five-Twenty-Ten," Fringe (somehow) reaches the halfway point of its final season. I’m one of those people who didn’t particularly care for Season 4 and was skeptical about the purpose of Season 5’s direction, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the show’s focus and heart amid some wonky story elements. Details of this episode are scarce, but it's about a team member causing a Fringe event. While you’d think that would be Peter, who knows with this show. I just need more Broyles in my life.

9 pm, ABC
Shark Tank
Shark Tank has been thriving in the ratings this season, prompting some to suggest that ABC might want to move it to a better timeslot come the new year. I don’t know about that, but this episode promises a rent-a-live-Christmas-tree idea, which is awesome, and a guest appearance from country star John Rich, which is less awesome. Pick your poison, I guess.


What to watch on Saturday, November 17...

8 pm, CMT
Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
It’s hard for me to not be snarky about this. So, if you like Jeff Dunham, he has a new special on CMT. You can watch it.

10 pm, TBS
The Wedding Band
Brian Austin Green is—and has been for a while—one of the more underrated performers on television. The Wedding Band pilot wasn’t hilarious, but it got the job done. While it’s weird that TBS is totally burying the show, that doesn’t have to stop you from watching it. Plus, it was really cool of B.A.G. to get his unknown wife a guest spot in this episode, which apparently takes place at Comic-Con.

11:30 pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Jeremy Renner caps off the somewhat aborted “2012 Is the Year of Jeremy Renner” tour with a hosting gig at SNL. Renner got stuck with some thankless, stone-faced roles on the big screen this year as Hollywood tried to Ryan Reynolds him, but he has good comedic timing. I’m hopeful. I’m also assuming that Adam Levine will appear in at least two sketches, since Maroon 5 is the musical guest. Maybe a The Voice-American Horror Story mashup?


What to watch on Sunday, November 18...

8 pm, ABC
The 40th Anniversary American Music Awards
One of pop culture’s greatest institutions celebrates a big anni— okay, I can’t even finish that. The American Music Awards matter in the same way that all contemporary music award shows matter: They don’t, really. Fans vote, so expect One Direction to win everything, even the categories they aren’t nominated in. But there’s bound to be at least one great performance from the announced roster of Pink, Pitbull, Carrie Underwood, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Xtina, and We’re Contractually Obligated to Have One Group with Guitars Here, Linkin Park. It’s probably going to be Pink. It’s always Pink, because she’s great.

8 pm, PBS
The Dust Bowl
Screw that flashy music awards show and those half-dozen good drama series, let’s get our historical documentary on! This one examines the major environmental disaster of the 1930s through photos, film footage and interviews, with survivors. Part one of two.

9 pm, HBO
Boardwalk Empire
There are only three episodes left in the very-good-and-only-getting-better third season of Boardwalk Empire and now that Nucky seems fresh out of options in his war against Gyp Rosetti, business is bound to pick up even more. What's more, fan favorites Richard, Chalky, and Van Alden are all slated to appear in the same episode for the first time in ages.

9 pm, History
Superstorm 2012: Hell and High Water
Somehow, History put together an hour-long project directly discussing Hurricane Sandy, which is probably worth labeling “too soon” but also likely worth watching if you’re into that kind of thing (like I am).

9ish pm, NBC
The Good Wife
Even with the logjam of quality programming on Sunday nights, folks are talking about The Good Wife as much as they should be, as this season has been darn good (once again proving that the show succeeds in campaign years). This episode suggests a more prominent role for Zach and Grace—who used to be a reason to tune out but were great in the season premiere—and I'm eager to see them again.


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