What to Watch This Weekend: Happy Endings, Game of Thrones, and The Good Wife's Season 4 Finale

What to watch on Friday, April 26...

8pm & 8:30pm, ABC
Happy Endings
Postponed from last week due to news coverage of the events in Boston, “The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky” finds Penny living with Brad and Jane, who are nonplussed by her choice of rebound guy: Car Czar Rob Corddry. In more fabulous goings-on, Max is on a mission to become Mr. Super Gay Chicago, with Alex and Dave as his coaches. One suspects he won’t earn the crown, since in the following episode his life remains so bereft of success as to be, in the words of frustrated revenge-seeker Mark-Paul Gosselaar, “Un-sabotagable.”

8pm, The CW
In the wake of the devastation at Division, Alex relapses into violent behavior in “Self-Destruct.” Nikita and Michael try to ascertain the full scope of the damage, including exactly how much spackle and Febreeze they’ll need to patch things up before the president gets wind of the situation.

9pm, NBC
Okay Nick, “Ring of Fire” was postponed from last week (mostly; if you've already seen it, you can read MaryAnn's review right here), so you’ve had 168 more hours to figure out which medieval armament is best suited for vanquishing a volcano. Hopefully you’ve got a way to becalm tectonic plates with a halberd, or plug a magma chamber with a morning star. In less cataclysmic developments, Juliette is besieged by visions of Nick all over the place—including one that's just up the road on Tuesday night, moving furniture into a new timeslot.

9pm, Disney
Phineas and Ferb
Doofenshmirtz’s latest dastardly scheme involves becoming an emperor-apiarist, with repercussions all throughout “Bee Day” and “Bee Story”—especially since Isabella and the Fireside Girls turn themselves into the winged little buggers to their earn beekeeping badges. Around the yard, aren’t the boys too young to be building a giant inflatable pool for Mom? Yes. Yes they are.

10pm, CBS
Blue Bloods
Off on a stroll through the park, Danny finds an addled man who has no recollection of how he got there, which wouldn’t be a problem except for all the blood of his girlfriend he also happens to be covered in. Elsewhere in “Devil’s Breath,” Jamie courts trouble when he helps out a cop who nabbed a crook while both off-duty and soused.

– Robert Downey, Jr., Kenny Smith, and Avril Lavigne on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Jon Hamm, Joe Matarese, and The So So Glos on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Amy Poehler, Michael Angarano, and Iron and Wine on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC
– Robin Wright and Andy Dick on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, April 27...

10:30am, Cartoon Network
Teen Titans Go!
If you miss the Tuesday-night airings of the revamped series, you can catch the repeats in Cartoon Network’s regular DC animation block. The madcap adventures of the youthful superhero squad kick off with “Legendary Sandwich” and “Pie Bros,” which put Raven and Beast Boy, respectively, at the center of assorted food-oriented hijinks.

8pm, NBC
Smash sidles forward an hour just in case maybe you guys can see it a little better up here? Because Smash really wants you to know that it’s still kicking, and stirring up tension between Tom and Julia in “The Producers.” And also, did you know that Jimmy has flipped his proverbial gourd? It’s true! He could bring Hit List crashing down! And now he can do it an hour earlier!

8pm, BBC America
Doctor Who
The TARDIS goes on the fritz, trapping Clara inside and drawing the attention of a gaggle of monsters. But don’t worry, the ship’s self-destruct protocol should make short work of them! ...Well, and of Clara, too, I suppose. To save her in time, the Doctor must “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.”

9pm, BBC America
Orphan Black
All signs point to an ominous, ongoing Orphan experiment, so in “Conditions of Existence,” Sarah investigates her current number-one suspect, Paul. But after she starts probing him, his own suspicions are raised and he probes her right back. Go ahead, say it. I’ll wait. Feel better? Good.


What to watch on Sunday, April 28...

8pm, BBC America
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited
The year of Doctorology rolls on with a look at one of the series’ most iconic incarnations. Then, Fourth Doctor Tom Baker straps on his signature scarf to confront the last member of an alien race in 1975’s “Pyramids of Mars.”

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
“Pulpit Friction” finds hep new preacher Edward Norton displacing Rev. Lovejoy as Springfield’s go-to man of the cloth. And he wants Homer to be his deacon, since that’s one of only four jobs recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau that Homer hasn’t yet held.

8:30pm, Fox
Bob’s Burgers
Pre-teen girls voiced by Kristen Schaal can’t stop crushing on boy bands this month, it seems. Louise is mortified by her sudden attraction to a teen idol when she joins Tina at a concert in “Boyz 4 Now,” while Gene’s entry in a table-setting competition raises eyebrows.

The Good Wife
It’s election eve in “What’s in the Box?” and Zach is shocked—shocked!—to find corruption in the vicinity of the Illinois governor’s office. As Alicia, Will, and Diane scramble to redress possible vote tampering, Cary’s plans for a new firm receive a boost from an unexpected source.

9pm, ABC
Look, if everybody on Nashville is gonna run off to ABC’s news division whenever they’ve got problems, then you can be damn sure Victoria Grayson is going to get into that act too. She airs her dirty laundry on Nightline in “Identity,” while Emily, Nolan, and Aiden hunt for the Falcon in a last-ditch effort to rescue Padma.

9pm, HBO
Game of Thrones
“Tyrion learns the cost of weddings,” declares the synopsis for “Kissed by Fire,” and those expenses are only magnified when the groom refuses to register anywhere but Cudgels, Crossbows, and Beyond. Around Westeros, Jaime faces a harsh judgment, Jon faces a crucial test, and the Hound faces the Lightning Lord.

9pm, Showtime
Nurse Jackie
There are probably worse ways to end your custody mediation than by slamming into the other party’s car and landing in the ER of the hospital where you work... but not many. That’s Jackie’s rough luck in “Smile,” and it’s only compounded when Carrie writes her a painkiller prescription not knowing she’s an addict.

10pm, AMC
Mad Men
“The Flood” finds Peggy contemplating her future and Roger turning on the charm to score new business. In this week’s fake storyline, Ginsburg suddenly realizes that he’s a character on a TV show and slowly loses his marbles when nary a soul will believe his shocking revelation.

10pm, PBS
The Bletchley Circle
Finding a deaf ear at Scotland Yard, the ladies hoist up their magnifying glasses and pursue their own investigation in "Episode 2." Their initial attempt at trapping their suspect goes sideways, but later, Susan visits a shrink who may be able to fill in some blanks.

SEASON 1 FINALE, 10pm, History
In “All Change,” Ragnar mediates a land dispute and a plague strikes the village. Presumably these two events are unrelated, unless Ragnar is far and away the absolute worst arbiter in the history of dispute resolution.


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