What to Watch This Weekend: Haven, Paul Rudd on SNL, and the Season Finale of The Amazing Race

What to watch on Friday, December 6...

8pm & 8:30pm, CBS
Frosty the Snowman / Yes Virginia
The jolly, happy soul dons his enchanted top hat for the annual airing of the Rankin-Bass cartoon. That’s followed by the more recent entry into the holiday special canon, which follows a young girl in 19th century New York on a journey to uncover the truth about ol’ Kris Kringle. The 2009 cartoon stars Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Alfred Molina.

8pm, Fox
When a nationally ranked gymnast is murdered in “The Spark in the Park,” the initial signs point to rival competitor (U.S. Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney). During their investigation, Brennan ruffles Booth’s feathers by exhibiting unusual empathy for the victim’s father (Richard Schiff).

8pm, The CW
The Carrie Diaries
Writer’s block flummoxes Carrie in “The Safety Dance,” and Weaver’s attempts to reawaken her muse land with a thud. Elsewhere, Maggie and Sebastian bond over a surprising revelation, a shared interest thaws the chill between Larissa and Samantha, and Walt goes to great lengths to protect his person when Bennet moves into a sketchy hood.

8:30pm, ABC
The Neighbors
It’s Jackie’s parents to the rescue when the Weaver homestead is vexed by a busted water pipe in “Supreme Like Me,” but their new kinship wreaks its own damage on Jackie’s patience. Meanwhile, Larry dials up his job search efforts to show his in-laws he isn’t the irresponsible layabout that he actually is.

9pm, Fox
Raising Hope
The Chances’ new neighbors set Burt’s Spidey-sense a-tingling in “Murder She Hoped.” Then in “Dysfunction Function,” Virginia and Burt take it upon themselves to spice up Jimmy and Sabrina’s marriage, using their own romantic past as their guide.

9pm, The CW
Amanda foments tension between the U.S. and Pakistan, while guest-star Judd Nelson pushes Birkhoff’s buttons with the aplomb of a young John Bender. Meanwhile in “Set-Up,” Nikita and Michael suspect something about Birkhoff isn’t kosher; and Alex falls into the CIA’s clutches.

9pm, NBC
In “Stories We Tell Our Young,” Nick and Hank come to the aid of a young boy who may be possessed—and the possible involvement of the Wesen Council complicates things even further for Rosalee.

9pm, Disney
Wander Over Yonder
“The Little Guy” finds Wander and Sylvia befriending the runt of the Watchdog litter when his compatriots accidentally leave him behind on a planet.

10pm, Syfy
A curse sets a torrent of Troubles loose on Haven in “When the Bough Breaks.” See, that’s exactly the kind of distraction William doesn’t need as he tries to make a reluctant Audrey come to grips with her true origins.

Live, 10pm, CBS
The Grammy Nominations Concert
LL Cool J hosts the announcement of the 2014 Grammy nominees in most major categories, and prime candidates Drake, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Robin Thicke, and Keith Urban are among those slated to perform.

– The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Eric Andre, and Erik Griffin on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings 
– Zoe Saldana and Mitch Albom on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, December 7...

10:30am, The Hub
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
“Daring Don’t” finds Rainbow Dash leading the charge when the ponies’ favorite scribe has trouble completing her latest book.

MOVIE PREMIERE, 8pm, Lifetime
Christmas in the City
We all know that The City is home to such TV staples as sex and Caroline. But did you know they also celebrate Christmas there as well? It’s true! And sometimes, a plucky department store clerk and her young daughter must restore the seasonal spirit when her boss gives Santa the pink slip and brings in a sexy beau-hunk instead.

MOVIE PREMIERE, 8pm, Hallmark
Santa Switch
A downtrodden dad gets the chance to turn his life around when a mysterious stranger bestows upon him all the powers and duties of Saint Nick.

9pm, BBC America
In “The Boy Must Die,” the fellas tick off a noble and earn a nasty sentence from King Minos: Satisfy Poseidon’s whims by becoming bull leapers. What’s a bull leaper, you ask? Why, it’s someone who leaps over a charging bull. Not everything in Greek myth is loaded with hidden meaning, I think is the takeaway here.

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Paul Rudd hosts, and later tries to sneak onstage with musical guest One Direction just to see if his perennially youthful looks can blend in unnoticed.


What to watch on Sunday, December 8...

The Amazing Race
The finale kicks off with human bowling and partial nudity, which as I understand it is a pretty typical afternoon in Tokyo. After one pair is bounced, the final three will make a beeline for Seward’s Folly and the season’s $1 million prize.

8pm, ABC
Once Upon a Time
Safely back in Storybrooke with Henry in tow, the gang is thrilled that they can finally put this Neverland meshugas behind them… until they take another look at the scripts for this week’s episode and realize it’s called “The New Neverland.” Could Peter Pan’s latest clandestine scheme involve a gritty reboot of his home turf?

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
Principal Skinner tames the student body by promising a submarine ride to the most obedient kid in “Yellow Subterfuge,” and Bart is determined to reverse his rambunctious nature and claim the prize. Lisa, though, is too busy counseling Krusty on his intellectual property to take part in the competition.

8:30pm, Fox
Bob’s Burgers
When Bob subs for Tina’s home economics teacher in “Bob and Deliver,” it doesn’t take him long to shape the class into a full-fledged restaurant. No doubt this is just the first step on the road to Bob’s Burgers franchising nationwide. Soon we’ll see a Bob’s Burgers in every primary school in America! They'll be bigger than Trapper Keeper!

MOVIE PREMIERE, Part 1, 9pm, A&E / Lifetime / History
Bonnie & Clyde
Holliday Grainger and Emile Hirsch are the titular twosome, who kick off their thieving and murdering jaunt through Depression-era America in the first half of this two-part biopic. Holly Hunter and William Hurt also star, presumably just to make you wonder why you aren’t watching Broadcast News instead.

9pm, ABC
“Surrender” finds Emily prepping for both her nuptials and her pièce de révengesistance. Per tradition, she’s accumulated something old, something new, someone to sorrow, and someone to screw.

9pm, HBO
“This City” sends Delmond to New York for a gig with bandleader Terence Blanchard. Back home, Nelson tries to broker a compromise between Liguori and Davis, Annie’s song wins an award, Lambreaux receives a dispiriting diagnosis, and one of Batiste’s students is the victim of a violent act.

9pm, Showtime
A face from the past tests Brody’s commitment to his mission in “Big Man in Tehran.” Stateside, Lockhart’s confirmation as CIA head is imminent… unless Saul can hold the Senate rapt with a showtunes-packed filibuster!

9:30pm, Fox
American Dad!
Are Hayley and Steve in the fake ID business, or the money business? Chief competitor Roger, for one, is in the empire business. This is just one of the many parodic references to a recently concluded cable drama that may propel “Faking Bad.”

10pm, Showtime
Masters of Sex
As Bill and Libby gather data for a big presentation, Virginia and Dr. DePaul bond en route to a medical convention. Elsewhere in “Phallic Victories,” Ethan’s relationship with Virginia’s kids raises her ex-husband’s hackles.

10pm, CBS
The Mentalist
A computer programmer’s disappearance in “Green Thumb” has the FBI knocking on Jane’s door. But he’ll only sign on to the case if he can bring Lisbon as well, in accordance with the official honor code of crime-procedural partnerships.


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