What to Watch This Weekend: Karaoke Battle USA, SyFy's Doomsday Prophecy, and Breaking Bad

Weekends are for lovers. (Sorry haters, you get Tuesdays and Wednesdays.) So let's go nuts this weekend, you guys! Let's go outside and sneak into swimming pools and play flashlight tag and Sardines and wear short sleeves even though it's midnight. Plus TV, always TV. Team Summer!

What to watch on Friday, August 12...

Friends With Benefits

8pm & 8:30pm, NBC
Friends With Benefits
The dudes and gals get into more sexy, high-concept fun. For instance, in two more of these burn-off episodes, Ben (one of the guys, it doesn't matter) reunites with an ex who's afflicted with short-term memory loss. Cool! Also, Fitz (one of the other guys, not Ben) decides to set his mother up on a date, but she ends up getting laid a ton on her own. Unexpected!

Karaoke Battle USA
Did you know that there are national karaoke tournaments in which actual pop stars (Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, etc.) used to compete before they got famous? It's a real thing, apparently! In this new Joey Fatone-hosted reality series, a bunch of melodic screamers will compete for a recording contract. Call your lawyers, American Idol.

9pm, Discovery
Man vs. Wild
Ever since Bear Grylls left you at the altar to pursue his dreams of stardom, you've had a tough time tuning into Man vs. Wild. But every now and again you do tune in—you know, just to see how he's doing. Well, tonight he's in Red Rock country, eating tumbleweeds and hugging cacti while nude (I'm guessing). So he's better off, basically? No offense!

SERIES PREMIERE, 10pm, Cinemax
Strike Back
Uh oh, now Cinemax is in on the original-drama-series bandwagon. Meet ex-Delta Force dude Damien, who teams up with a British anti-terrorist dude to help bring down international criminals and thwart terrorist attacks. Although, it IS Cinemax, so it's also likely that there are several six-minute long, gauzily filmed softcore humping scenes.

Flashpoint, 8 p.m., CBS
Whale Wars, SEASON 4 FINALE, 8 & 9 & 10 p.m., Animal Planet
ThunderCats, 8:30 p.m., Cartoon Network
Dateline NBC, 9 p.m., NBC
Phineas & Ferb, 9 p.m., Disney
Deadly Women, 10 p.m., Investigation Discovery
Four Weddings, 10 p.m., TLC
Haven, 10 p.m., Syfy
Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, 10 p.m., IFC
Sex Change Hospital, 10 p.m., Discovery Fit & Health
The Soup, 10 p.m., E!
Torchwood: Miracle Day, 10 p.m., Starz
Anime Iron Man, 11 p.m., G4
LaVell Crawford: Can a Brother Get Some Love?, ORIGINAL SPECIAL, 11 p.m., Comedy Central
Whisker Wars, 11 p.m., IFC
Anime Wolverine, 11:30 p.m., G4

Elizabeth Banks on Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35 p.m., NBC

What to watch on Saturday, August 13...

Doomsday Prophecy

WrestleMania: The World Premiere
Maybe you were too cheap to order the full pay-per-view extravaganza back in April, or maybe you'd just like to bodyslam your way down memory lane. Either way, tune in tonight for a one-hour highlight show of the 27th annual WrestleMania event held at the Georgia Dome. A grown man named "The Rock" hosts, and a grown woman named "Snooki" guest-stars.

Doomsday Prophecy
If there's one complaint most people had about 2012, it was "The budget is too high!" Cue the Syfy Channel swooping in to right that wrong. In their newest "original" "movie," an archaeologist and a book editor team up to somehow save the world from a foreordained geological apocalypse. No sweat!

ORIGINAL MOVIE, 9pm, Hallmark Channel
Honeymoon For One
When Nicollette Sheridan breaks off her impending nuptials and goes on the Ireland honeymoon alone, she strikes up a romance with a local only to face plot complications, etc. Oh, I hope everything works out for Nicollette Sheridan!

Dogs 101, 8 p.m., Animal Planet
iCarly, 8 p.m., Nickelodeon
Best of Doctor Who, 9 p.m., BBC America
Celebrity Ghost Stories, 9 p.m., Bio
Suze Orman Show, 9 p.m., CNBC
Bizarre E.R., 10 p.m., Discovery Fit & Health
Graham Norton Show, 10 p.m., BBC America
Celebrity Close Calls, 11 p.m., Biography
Outnumbered, 11 p.m., BBC America

What to watch on Sunday, August 14...

Breaking Bad

10pm, AMC
Breaking Bad
Dang, Mike the Cleaner, am I right? Best character on TV? Anyway, you do NOT want to mess with Mike the Cleaner, as Jesse will find out the hard way now that he's been abducted and driven out to the desert by the guy. Plus Walt scrambles to save Jesse while Skyler and Hank deal with stresses of their own.

9pm, HBO
True Blood
Last week's episode featured True Blood's best cliffhanger yet, when Marnie summoned all nearby vampires to walk into the sunlight. (Oh no, not Jessica!!) Tonight her actions will cause many of our heroes to band together, including Eric and Sookie, who join Bill's team. Also Lafayette deals with some spirit possession issues.

i.am FIRST: Science Is Rock and Roll
In a rare non-reprehensible career move, the Black Eyed Peas' William (I stole UR periods, guy) brings us this original special celebrating kids' participation in science, math, and robotics. Credit where credit's due, this is awesome. Unfortunately, there will also be "performances" by William's band as well as something called Willow Smith.

10pm, HBO
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Hey Ricky Gervais! Now that Ricky Gervais has made it his duty to show up on all the shows that I like, tonight he'll finally appear on Curb Your Enthusiasm when Jeff attempts to forge a professional partnership with him. Plus Larry becomes something of a hero in certain circles.

In the Flow with Affion Crockett
Picking up where House of Buggin' left off (haha j/k?) Fox brings us a new batch of urban-flavored sketch comedy, this time headed up by Affion Crockett. If you like sketches about Tiger Woods, American Idol, and Russell Simmons, then your Sunday nights just got meaningful!

High Stakes Sweepers
As the slightly trashier companion piece to Extreme Couponers, this special profiles five professional sweepstakes participants who spend all their waking hours trying to win free things from radio contests. In tonight's premiere, a father attempts to win items for every aspect of his daughter's wedding, including her dress and honeymoon.

60 Minutes, 7 p.m., CBS
Dateline NBC, 7 p.m., NBC
Big Brother, 8 p.m., CBS
CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock, ORIGINAL SPECIAL, 8 p.m., ABC
Curiosity: Alien Invasion - Are We Ready?, 8 p.m., Discovery
Minute to Win It, 8 p.m., NBC
Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, SERIES FINALE, 8 p.m., OWN
American Ninja Warrior, 9 & 10 p.m., G4
Bridezillas, 9 p.m., WE
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, 9 p.m., VH1
Drop Dead Diva, 9 p.m., Lifetime
Exorcist Files, ORIGINAL SPECIAL, 9 p.m., Discovery
Food Network Star, SEASON 7 FINALE, 9 p.m., Food Network
Hoarding: Buried Alive, 9 p.m., TLC
Leverage, 9 & 10 p.m., TNT
Marriage Ref, SEASON 2 FINALE, 9 & 10 p.m., NBC
Same Name, 9 p.m., CBS
The Glee Project, 9 p.m., Oxygen
Against the Wall, 10 p.m., Lifetime
Behind the Music: Ricky Martin, SEASON 4 FINALE, 10 p.m., VH1
Keeping Up With the Kardashians, 10 p.m., E!
Real Housewives of New Jersey, 10 p.m., Bravo
Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals, SEASON 1 FINALE, 10 p.m., OWN
The Glades, 10 p.m., A&E;
The Great Food Truck Race, SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 10 p.m., Food Network
Entourage, 10:30 p.m., HBO

What are you watching this weekend?

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