What to Watch This Weekend: Nikita, Treme's Season 4 Premiere, and The Walking Dead's Mid-season Finale

What to watch on Friday, November 29...

8pm, ABC
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Put a capper on your Black Friday with Dr. Seuss’s 1966 tale about the green meanie with the undersized ticker, his plucky pooch, and the redoubtable Whos from whom he plans to snatch away all holiday cheer.

8pm, Disney
Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas
On a Yuletide trip to the Big Apple, Good Luck Charlie’s Teddy and PJ encounter the eponymous star of Jessie. Shenanigans ensue at the Ross homestead, as they are want to do in sitcom crossovers.

9pm, Fox
Raising Hope
New proprietrix Molly Shannon takes the grocery’s reins in “Extreme Howdy’s Makeover,” and she immediately sets her new employees to brainstorming improvements. Then in “Adoption,” Sabrina faces more hurdles than she expected when she wants to become Hope’s legal mother.

9pm, The CW
Nikita’s back at the base, but there’s not much time to celebrate the reunion before the team learns of Amanda’s plot to double up VIPs—including the director of the FBI. Elsewhere in “Dead or Alive,” Alex confronts Sam about his ill-gotten gains, but an unexpected attack turns the adversaries into allies.

9pm, CBS
Garth Brooks, Live From Las Vegas
The country superstar takes the stage at the Wynn Las Vegas’s Encore Theater to perform some of his multi-platinum hits, along with covers of songs penned by some of his musical idols.

9pm, PBS
Great Performances
“Barbra Streisand: Back to Brooklyn” finds the singer returning to her native borough to belt out some of her favorite tunes. Chris Botti, Il Volo, her son Jason Gould, and a 60-piece orchestra join Babs for the concert from Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center.

9pm, NBC
A shadowy vigilante is patrolling the streets of a blue-collar neighborhood. Could the old Spanish legend of “El Cucuy” be playing out in present-day Portland? Meanwhile, Juliette finds out new information about Nick’s mom, and Adalind’s ultrasound gives her a shiver.

SERIES FINALE, 10pm, Cinemax
Strike Back: Origins
Porter’s up a creek in Pakistan, but he just may convince one of his captors to throw him a paddle. Collinson is in his own mess after new details lead Thompson to look askance at the MI6 bigwig.

10pm, IFC
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Clark Gregg drops by with some props from his movies and commiserates about life on TV shows with unusually punctuated titles.

– Anthony Anderson, Loni Love, and Doug E. Fresh on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!  


What to watch on Saturday, November 30...

10am, The Hub
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
In “Castle-Mania,” a mission to scour the ruins of Celestia’s old royal residence leads Twilight and Spike into a labyrinth of supernatural spookiness. When the others arrive as well, can the gang elude the eerie equine known as the Shadow Pony?

MOVIE PREMIERE, 8pm, Lifetime
Dear Secret Santa
After moving back to her childhood home, newly single Jennifer begins receiving communiques from a secret admirer who knows a great many personal details about her, and who reminds her of her long-dead neighbor Jack. Because the only thing more Christmas-y than being courted by a stalker or a ghost is being courted by a stalker-ghost.

America Unearthed
An esoteric relic dubbed the Stone of Destiny may hold the key to the location of the Ark of the Covenant. Host Scott Wolter and company trace the mystery from Ireland to Arizona, in search of both clues and mystical defenses against the Ark’s face-melting mojo.

9pm, BBC America
Now famous yet still broke, Jason receives a new mission in “A Girl by Any Other Name”: Rescue an old man’s missing daughter from some cuckoo Dionysian cultists.

11pm & 11:30pm, Fox
Axe Cop
At 11pm, “Taxi Cop” flashes us to the Sideways Universe, in which A.C. and Flutey have become cabbies rather than crimefighters. Then in “The Dumb List” at 11:30pm, Axe Cop reckons with the dread specter of gender equality. Each of tonight’s new episodes is followed by a new installment of High School USA!

11:15pm & 11:45pm, Fox
High School USA!
In “Rumspringabreakers” at 11:15pm, Brad’s Spring Break dalliance with an Amish lass gives Marsh cause for concern. Later, in “Sweet 16” at 11:45pm, the passing of Cassandra’s father forces Marsh to examine his own feelings about mortality.


What to watch on Sunday, December 1...

8pm, ABC
Once Upon a Time
“Save Henry” finds the lad in a precarious position as Pan seeks magical supremacy. In Past Storybrooke, Regina turns to Mr. Gold for help adopting a baby, which will surely go smooth and sound and lay no seeds for drama down the road.

8:30pm, Fox
Bob’s Burgers
A high school reunion is the perfect occasion for Linda to get her old band back together and exorcise the demons of a disastrous talent show gig. Meanwhile in “Purple Rain-Union,” Bob is unsettled by the amorous advances of a former classmate who has undergone a significant change since graduation.

The abbreviated final season commences against the backdrop of Barack Obama’s presidential election in November 2008. The mood in New Orleans is festive in “Yes We Can,” but Nelson doesn’t share in the optimism. Elsewhere, LaDonna kicks off the rebuilding of Gigi’s, Janette cuts the ribbon on a new establishment, Annie and Marvin have creative differences, and Antoine takes an interest in his students’ affairs.

9pm, PBS
Return to Downton Abbey
Susan Sarandon hosts this hour-long teaser trailer for the drama’s upcoming fourth season, featuring interviews with the cast and creators, behind-the-scenes footage, and highlights from past seasons.

9pm, ABC
Hallmark Hall of Fame: Christmas in Conway
As a reminder of their engagement night, a doting husband (Andy Garcia) in small-town South Carolina plans to construct a backyard Ferris wheel for his ailing wife (Mary-Louise Parker). But the project is complicated by the budding romance between her live-in nurse (Mandy Moore) and their landscape designer (Riley Smith)—and by the scheming of an ornery neighbor (Cheri Oteri).

9pm, Showtime
Brody’s got himself a mission in “Good Night,” an intensely vital mission fraught with peril, requiring unimpeachable psychological stability, so yeah it’s a good thing ol’ Nick Brody is on the case. Elsewhere, Quinn learns an unpleasant truth about Carrie, because apparently there are still a few more of those that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

The Walking Dead
“Too Far Gone” reminds us of the cardinal rule in the world of The Walking Dead: When things seem dangerous, that’s when things are dangerous. But when things seem safe, that’s when things are nerve-clobberingly dangerous.

100TH EPISODE, 9:30pm, CBS
The Good Wife
Alicia’s late client Matthew Ashbaugh (John Noble) leaves her a pretty penny in his will in “The Decision Tree.” But Lockhart Gardner (sorry, “LG”) contests the bequest on behalf of Ashbaugh’s wife, pitting Alicia and Will against one another in court once more. Meanwhile, Peter ruffles feathers by fraternizing with an unsavory type at the Florrick Agos holiday bash, and Kalinda probes Damian’s past. Family and friends including Stockard Channing, Nathan Lane, and Donna Brazile also drop by for the series’ 100th episode festivities.

9:30pm, Fox
American Dad!
In “Independent Movie,” Steve arranges a road trip for the gang to help Snot grapple with his father’s passing, but his attentions are soon diverted by a magnetic young woman (Zooey Deschanel). Back home, Stan and Roger are at odds after their cake-cutting gizmo strikes gold on the Home Shopping Network.

10pm, Showtime
Masters of Sex
A civil defense drill heats up internecine strife throughout the hospital in “Fallout.” While Bill and Virginia debate maintaining the study’s confidentiality, Ethan suffers a professional setback, and Margaret pursues the truth about her husband’s sexuality.

SERIES PREMIERE, 12am, Comedy Central
Brody Stevens: Enjoy It
The titular comedian chronicles his road to mental recovery, thanks to the encouragement of buddy (and show producer) Zach Galifianakis. The journey begins with Brody mending familial fences in “Brody Stevens, Who Are You?” Then, “Breakdown!” finds his social circle and doctors debating whether his psychological problems were genuine or merely part of his act.


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Regina/The Evil Queen and Kalinda tonight baby!
We'll have a review of "The Decision Tree" up right after it airs! It's a great episode.
and Lost Girl
Thank god there are at least a COUPLE of good shows not taking a Thanksgiving break. I'm all for festivities and turkey (though of course Canadian Thanksgiving is in October), but what a boring week for television!
* Plus NFL and Lost Girl!
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