What to Watch This Weekend: Orphan Black, Behind the Candelabra, and Arrested Development's Netflix Debut

What to watch on Friday, May 24...

8pm, Disney
Gravity Falls
The fall season is over, the summer season has only begun to bloom, and it’s the start of a holiday weekend. So why not pack your bags for the picturesque and ooky surroundings of Gravity Falls, OR, for a four-episode mini-marathon? “Boyz Crazy,” “The Deep End,” “Carpet Diem,” and “Boss Mabel” showcase the Pines siblings and their assorted acquantances at their charmingly zaniest.

9pm, Starz
Da Vinci’s Demons
Starz takes a week off from new installments so you can brush up on the events thus far by reading an in-depth biography of the famed Renaissance polymath. Or by watching the series’ three most recent episodes, “The Magician,” “The Tower,” and “The Devil.”

10pm, Syfy
“The Diamond of the Day, Part 1” sets the series’ endgame into motion. Morgana and Mordred marshal their forces for an assault on Camelot, and taking Merlin out of the equation is phase one of the battle plan.

10pm, IFC
After podcast guest Illeana Douglas informs him that his ex-wife is with child, Marc decides to rev up his romantic life. Illeana has a lovely young lady in mind for him, but it’s the “Dominatrix” of the episode’s title who captures his interest.

– Howie Mandel, "Pizza Cuz" Sal Basille Francis Garcia, and Sigur Rós on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Paul Walker, Joss Whedon, and They Might Be Giants on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC


What to watch on Saturday, May 25...

6am, IFC
Arrested Development
Folks, I’ll level with you. I cannot find any mention of this program anywhere on the Internet. Best I can piece together, it ran on Fox for a couple of years in the mid-2000s and gained a bit of a cult following, enough that Netflix decided to revive it. If you’re curious, IFC will run all 53 episodes from the first three seasons today. I think it stars the kid from The Hogan Family, if that helps?

4pm & 11pm, Syfy
If you’ve been wanting to check out Syfy’s newest offering, catch either of these marathons stringing together all six of the episodes that've aired so far. Join Nolan, Irisa, Datak, and the whole gang as they navigate a tumultuous community of humans and aliens on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

9pm, BBC America
Orphan Black
Sarah is dead-set on revenge after Kira’s life is endangered, until Dr. Leekie gives her second thoughts. Elsewhere in “Unconscious Selection,” Cosima grapples with Delphine’s true motives, and details about Sarah’s origins come to light.


What to watch on Sunday, May 26...

SEASON 4 PREMIERE, 12am Pacific, Netflix
Arrested Development
Okay, I still can’t find much in the way of publicity about this show. I did some more Googling, and I think Larry’s sidekick from The Larry Sanders Show is involved, so that’s cool. Anyway, all 15 new episodes drop today. You’d think someone would’ve written about it online somewhere, but I’m stumped.

SNEAK PREVIEW, 11am, Disney XD
Marvel’s Avengers Assemble
The full roster of the World’s Mightiest Movie Franchise™, plus new addition Falcon, stars in an animated brand extension which begins its regular run in this timeslot on July 7. In the hour-long preview episode, “The Avengers Protocol,” the team must protect New York from the twin threats of Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K., everyone’s favorite automated lifeform crafted solely for murdering.

8pm, BBC America
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited
When he began his three-year stint in 1981, Peter Davison was the youngest man to take the reins of the TARDIS prior to Matt Smith. Davison discusses his tenure as the Fifth Doctor along with Steven Moffat, Hugh Bonneville, companions Sarah Sutton and Mark Strickson, and more. Then the Season 19 episode “Earthshock” follows the Doctor’s battle against the Cybermen and a villain called the Master, who may or may not be joined by an abnormally large-kneed manservant.

Smash may be going out with a whimper, but Hit List and/or Bombshell could still end things with a bang as “The Nominations” and “The Tonys” honor Fake-Broadway’s best. Threatening to bollix the big night: ripples from Derek’s past looming over Team Hit List, worrisome news enveloping Ivy, and Tom’s faux pas getting the goat of a prominent awards voter.

9pm, HBO
Behind the Candelabra
Michael Douglas steps into the sequined shoes of Liberace and Matt Damon portrays his strapping young lover, Scott Thorson, in this biopic adapted from Thorson’s memoir. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film traces their five-year May-December romance through extravagant highs, acrimonious lows, and blindingly bedazzled middles.

9pm, Showtime
Nurse Jackie
Frank breaks his lunch date with Jackie, who later worries about him after hearing that a cop has been shot. Elsewhere in “Teachable Moments,” trouble abounds after Akalitus forgets to provide a psych patient with an escort, and Zoey overhears Coop and Carrie knocking boots.

10pm, Showtime
The Borgias
“Lucrezia’s Gambit” either refers to her shoring up her family’s position in Naples by blackmailing Prince Raphael, or to her impression of a Cajun-accented lothario. In other Renaissance rumblings, Prince Frederigo assumes Ferdinand’s throne and Cesare tries to contain the plague by setting Constanzo’s palace ablaze.

10pm, AMC
Mad Men
“Joan goes to the beach,” promises a summery-sounding summary for “The Better Half” that clearly intends to fluster all of us while we’re trying to work, thank you very much. Meanwhile, a recurring dream gives Roger restless nights, and this week’s fake plot finds Peggy entering laser-focus preparation for the 1968 Tri-State Area Chili Cookoff.

10pm, Discovery
D-Day in 3D
You’d think 20 years of basic cable channels uncovering more and more secrets behind the Allies’ success in World War II would eventually lead to diminishing returns. Yet here we are, nearly 70 years after the invasion of Normandy, and documentary-makers still haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of it. This new special focuses on the use of 3D photography in planning the D-Day operation. Hitler’s Smell-O-Vision-based matériel was clearly no match.


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