What to Watch This Weekend: Strike Back, Breaking Bad, an AHS Marathon, and the MTV Video Music Awards

What to watch on Friday, August 23...

10pm, Cinemax
Strike Back
A shady source in Beirut may lead Section 20 to a key al-Zuhari associate... or to a fiendish trap. Either way, bet on a buncha stuff getting blowed up but good.

10pm, Syfy
Equipped with another CPS suit, Travis becomes priority number one for Kiera and Carlos in “Second Last.” Meanwhile, Alec and Emily devise a cunning plan to give the Freelancers the slip.

10pm, IFC
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Seasoned comedy-show-couch-sitter Andy Richter schools fellow guests Mike Hanford and Michael Ian Black in the art of comedy-show-couch-sitting.

American Horror Story: Asylum
Catch up on this year’s most Emmy-nominated series with the first seven episodes of Season 2, centered on a sinister sanitarium.

Bupkis. Surely you have non-celebrity loved ones you could talk to in person, yes?


What to watch on Saturday, August 24...

8pm, Hallmark
Cedar Cove
Justine is on a rescue mission after Seth vanishes in Alaska—perhaps the latest victim of the infamous Aleutian Triangle? Elsewhere in “Free Spirits,” the local theater troupe stages Romeo and Juliet, Jack hopes to take things up a notch with Olivia, and Maryellen gets friendly with a good-looking shutterbug.

9pm, Starz
The White Queen
Edward’s rivals scheme to defenestrate him in “The Storm.” Elizabeth, coping with personal losses, takes drastic steps to preserve the throne.

9pm, AMC
Hell on Wheels
In “The Game,” a snafu on the rails sends Cullen and Elam searching for a new lumber source in the heart of Indian territory. Elsewhere, Durant spills a secret about Cullen to Louise. If the secret is that he wears beard extensions, the very foundations of this entire show may crumble.

10pm, NBC
Do No Harm
Despite Olivia’s misgivings, Jason is dead-set on forging a bond with his newfound son, even if that means standing outside the kid’s window holding up a boombox blaring “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Meanwhile in “Mine,” Ruben and Lena start to suspect that something may be a trifle fishy about this Jason character.

Axe Cop
More filial hijinks abound in “The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules” when a strange lad hopes to make Axe Cop his dear old dad. But is there more to this wannabe Axe Cop Jr. than meets the eye?

American Horror Story: Asylum
The final six episodes of the second season unfold, in all their creepy, kooky, mysterious ookiness.


What to watch on Sunday, August 25...

MARATHON, 6pm, Comedy Central
The Futurama Fanarama Marathon counts down the nearly concluded series’ top 10 episodes, as voted on by enthusiasts via that social media thingie the kids are always talking about these days.

8pm, ABC
Family Dance Off
Five families shake their collective stuff, hoping to net a $10,000 grand prize and to control organized crime in mid-20th-century New York City.

9pm, MTV
2013 MTV Video Music Awards
The Moonman trophy turns 30, officially exiting MTV’s core demographic. Performers slated to celebrate his slide into decrepitude include Lady Gaga, Kanye WestJustin TimberlakeRobin Thicke, and if Stephen Colbert is to be believed, Daft Punk.

9pm, AMC
Breaking Bad
“Walt and Skyler deal with an unexpected demand,” says the logline for “Confessions,” and I can only assume that baby Holly has gotten wise to her parents’ felonious pursuits and is agitating for a cut of the dough. Jesse, meanwhile, decides a change in course may be in order.

This BBC courtroom drama centers on accomplished barrister Martha Costello, who must juggle two simultaneous, last-minute cases along with her new trainee, Nick, all while enmeshed in a competition to earn the prestigious post of Queen’s Counsel.

9pm, CBS
The case of a slain cab driver throws Carrie and Al into a national security fracas in “Past Tense.”

9pm, Showtime
“Make Your Own Kind of Music” finds Dex digging into a murder that hit him in a sore spot, while Dr. Vogel greets that old episode-summary favorite, Someone From Her Past. 

10pm, HBO
The Newsroom
In “Red Team III,” the staff’s depositions shed light on how Jerry’s Operation Genoa report made it to air. As Rebecca assembles the full picture, the story’s ramifications could spell doom for News Night.

10pm, BBC America
Upon his return to the precinct, Corcoran is floored to find a good friend in irons. As he works to exonerate his pal in “Think Gently of the Erring,” Freeman and Morehouse team up to give the city a shot in the arm.


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