What to Watch This Weekend: The Finales of Hell on Wheels and Low Winter Sun, The Simpsons' Annual Visit to the "Treehouse of Horror," and Homeland

What to watch on Friday, October 4...

7pm, Nickelodeon
The Legend of Korra
With the president of the United Republic staying on the sidelines, Korra resolves to handle the escalating Water Tribe conflict herself in “Peacekeepers.” And there's only one way to settle internecine strife that pits brother against brother and strangles a society under the yoke of an occupying military force: dance-off!

9pm, CBS
Hawaii Five-0
“A’ ale Ma’a Wau” finds the squad aiding a Texas Ranger (Tim Daly) who’s in town searching for his missing daughter. Kono and Adam, however, would rather not be found—leaving them in a spot of trouble after their hiding place is discovered.

9pm, PBS
Great Performances: The Hollow Crown
Henry IV, Part 2 traces the ascendancy of Prince Hal (Tom Hiddleston), who quarrels with his father King Henry IV (Jeremy Irons) even as he is compelled to follow in the family business.

9:30pm, Disney
Phineas and Ferb
The gang gathers at the family castle Doofenshmirtz has inherited in “Druselsteinoween.” Vanessa uses the imposing abode to stage a Halloween hootenanny, but aren’t Phineas and Ferb a little young to be deejaying the bash? (Yes. Yes they are.) Elsewhere, Doof ropes Perry into helping him hunt for a hidden heirloom.

10pm, Syfy
Could an ancient legend be connected to the disappearances of several children in “Lost and Found”? Nathan and Dwight puzzle that one out, but it’s Audrey’s disappearance that occupies Duke and Jennifer’s attention.

10pm, Cinemax
Strike Back
As Scott strives to bust out of the hoosegow, the team searches frantically for a deteriorating Stonebridge. Meanwhile, Ulyanov continues hunting for both of them with less friendly intentions, and Locke has his doubts about Kamali.

– Gina Gershon, Ivan Amodei, Ken Jeong on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Terry Bradshaw and Nelly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Tom Selleck, Michael Somerville, and Albert Hammond, Jr., on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Artie Lange, Tavi Gevinson, and Phantogram on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC
– Justin Long on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, October 5...

8:30pm, Disney
Phineas and Ferb
“Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror” is the second time this weekend Phineas knows what they’re going to do today, and in a half-hour installment to boot. The anthology of tales finds Candace turning her plushie toy into a sentient stalker, Doofenshmirtz bedeviled by an ironic-wish-granting Giant Floating Baby Head, and the gang battling a swarm of evil platypuses. Platypi? Platypuses. Whichever, there’s a crapton of them and they’re running amok.

Hell on Wheels
“Get Behind the Mule”: Poor advice for upwind travelers, perhaps, but could it contain a nugget of wisdom to aid Elam’s rescue mission, or a modicum of perspective to ease Cullen’s mind as he endures the fallout of recent events? In any case, Durant probably wants no mules anywhere in the vicinity as he greets Gen. Grant and the U.P. board in Cheyenne ahead of schedule.

9pm, Starz
The White Queen
King Edward’s enemies are closing in, and “Long Live the King” is the last sentiment on any of their minds. Could this be the week one of the many connivers at court maneuvers his or her way into snatching the crown?

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Miley Cyrus pulls double duty as the host and musical guest. You could say that she’s got “the best of both worlds”! And then you could sigh and wonder why that dweeb on TV.com hasn’t updated his cultural references since at least 2011.


What to watch on Sunday, October 6...

8pm, ABC
Once Upon a Time
Peter Pan offers Emma a swap: He’ll pony up a map leading straight to Henry, but only if she accepts her true identity. Of course, then he’ll deliver a sappy platitude about being true to yourself and flash the “The More You Know” comet, because Peter Pan is kind of a dick that way. Elsewhere in “Lost Girl,” the Evil Queen tempts Snow White with a fiendish bargain that irks Charming, and Mr. Gold is taken aback by a friend’s advice.

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
Guillermo del Toro sets his imagination loose upon the couch gag that opens “Treehouse of Horror XXIV.” The annual anthology’s trifecta of tales then offers up Homer as a demented Seussian analog, forces Bart and Lisa to live as one body with two heads, and journeys back in time to 1930s-style Springfieldland, where Mr. Burns’ traveling circus is dispensing bedlam.

8:30pm, Fox
Bob’s Burgers
Halloween remains in the air in “Fort Night,” which finds the Belcher brood constructing their very own sanctum sanctorum after a rousing round of trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, their wholesome plans go sideways after Louise’s crackpot friend (Molly Shannon) seizes control.

Low Winter Sun
AMC's awkward son sidles into Breaking Bad’s recently vacated time slot and hopes that maybe those 10 million viewers will still be there, ready and willing to give a scrappy new antihero drama a shot. Frank struggles to keep his head in the first half of the two-hour finale, "Ann Arbor." Then in “Surrender,” the cops find a crucial lead that could crack the McCann murder, spurring Frank to make a key decision.

SEASON 5B PREMIERE, 9pm, Lifetime
Drop Dead Diva
Jane’s defense of a troubled socialite spirals into a sequence of calamities that endanger the firm’s very survival in “Trust Me.” Elsewhere, Owen breaks some difficult news to Stacy, and Grayson represents a man who was booted from a flight for claiming to be a vampire.

9pm, Showtime
Carrie learns who her true friends are in “Uh...Oh...Ah…,” and it’s probably too much to hope they turn out to be A.J. Langer and Devon Odessa. Meanwhile, Saul assigns an expert to trace the money trail in his quest to root out the Langley attackers, and the Brodys enter therapy to salve their psychological wounds.

9pm, HBO
Boardwalk Empire
In “Erlkönig,” Nucky heads to Philly to deal with the consequences of Willie’s toe-headed scheme, Gillian heads to one of Atlantic City’s stranger sources in desperate search of a fix, and a detained Eddie heads absolutely nowhere as long as Agent Knox has anything to say about it. In Chicago, Capone dispatches Van Alden to a factory for Election Day duties.

9:30pm, CBS
The Good Wife
Because there was no chance of this show leaving the NSA scandal untouched, “The Bit Bucket” pits Alicia and Cary against the spy agency on behalf of Chumhum. But Lockhart Gardner’s ties to a former client have already put the firm squarely in the national security apparatus's sights. Elsewhere, Veronica lends Alicia moral support, while Eli sets his mind to locking down Diane’s state Supreme Court nomination.

SERIES PREMIERE, 10pm, Lifetime
Witches of East End
Two sisters discover their family’s magically inclined true nature—just in time to face a mortal threat from an ancient evil. Can they harness their powers in time to beat back their sinister new foe? Spoiler alert: I’m betting Lifetime would not have ordered a full season of this if the answer were “no.”

10pm, Showtime
Masters of Sex
Masters is nonplussed in “Race to Space” when the study is forced out of the hospital, and Johnson catches the heat for the setback. After setting up new shop in a brothel, though, he quickly comes to appreciate the need for his new partner’s assistance.

10:30pm, HBO
Hello Ladies
Wade books a stretch limo in an effort to woo back his wife in “The Limo,” but Stuart has flashier plans in mind for the ride.


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