What to Watch This Weekend: The Finales of The Carrie Diaries and Sherlock, Seth Meyers' Last SNL, and the Super Bowl

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What to watch on Friday, January 31...

The Carrie Diaries
“Run to You” drives the wedge between Carrie and Tom deeper, and her state of mind isn’t helped by the bombshells Larissa and Sebastian each drop (nor by the fact that this show’s ratings don’t bode well for a third season). Elsewhere, Mouse and West are caught in a Jam, Maggie leans on Walt after growing suspicious of Pete, and Samantha contemplates quitting Manhattan.

8pm, Fox
“The Heiress in the Hill,” a kidnapping victim who turns up dead, may have been done in by someone close to her. In non-investigative business, Hodgins is rocked by a secret about his family, and Brennan and Booth consider “commingling their funds,” if you know what I mean. Ehh? Wait, what? Oh, sorry, that’s apparently not a euphemism. My mistake.

8:30pm, ABC
The Neighbors
The green-eyed monster strikes the Bird-Kersee marriage in “You’ve Lost That Larry Feeling,” while Amber and Reggie make a big decision and Debbie’s irrepressible mom-ness puts a damper on her college study group.

Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust - The Bridge to Russia
The Piano Man’s 1987 Soviet Union sojourn is chronicled in this feature-length documentary.

9pm, PBS
Great Performances
The 2011 film adaptation of William Luce’s Broadway play Barrymore, with Christopher Plummer reprising his Tony-winning performance as celebrated thespian John Barrymore in the winter of his life.

9pm, Fox
Attempting to impress the object of his affection, Derrick stumbles into promising that he’ll bring her son’s father back from the front lines. As Randy throws himself into preparing the celebration in “Homecoming,” Pete and Jill are preoccupied by the upcoming flag football showdown with the Marines.

9:30pm, Fox
Raising Hope
If you can’t wait another week to revel in feats of cross-border athletic competition, “Road to Natesville” has you covered. When the International Grocery Games come to town, Burt, Virginia, and the Howdy’s crew must fill in for a disgraced U.S. team.

10pm, CNN
Jay Leno: Mr. Comedy
The outgoing Tonight Show host (and future CNN employee?) is toasted with a retrospective of his more than 20-year tenure helming the late-night flagship.

10pm, Cinemax
Lucas hopes an Amish schoolteacher can shed some light on the Lana Cleary murder in “Bloodlines.” Meanwhile, Chayton’s transfer hits a few snags, Proctor reaches out to Alex, and Rebecca reels from the blow dealt by her parents.

10pm, Syfy
The team members are haunted by the suspicion that none of them are who they appear to be in “The White Room.” But truly, are any of us who we appear to be? As Shakespeare wrote, “one man in his time plays many parts, and sometimes one of those parts is that of a creepy science-fiction villain.”

10pm, CBS
Blue Bloods
Series star and reality show restaurateur Donnie Wahlberg adds “director” to his résumé with “Manhattan Queens,” in which Danny and Baez probe the slaying of a popular drag queen and TV star.

– Esai Morales, Ming-Na Wen, and the “Chop It Up” panel on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Tim Allen, Dave Salmoni, and Sara Bareilles on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Bill Murray and Eagulls on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– David Beckham, David Steinberg, and Busta Rhymes on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC
– Hayden Panettiere and Brook Van Poppelen on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, February 1...

10:30am, The Hub
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
In this corner, sporting the tri-balloon cutie mark and magenta mane, Ponyville’s premier party planner, Pinkie Pie! And in this corner, rocking a mean accordion and the voice of ”Weird Al” Yankovic, Cheese Sandwich! Who will prevail when these two titans of tomfoolery tussle to throw Rainbow Dash the biggest birthday blow-out ever in “Pinkie Pride”?

MOVIE PREMIERE, 8pm, Lifetime
The Gabby Douglas Story
A biopic of the gold-medal-winning Olympian, who overcame hardship en route to winning multiple state championships before joining the highly lauded 2012 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team. Regina King co-stars.

8pm, Discovery
“Do Try This at Home,” exhorts this week’s installment centering on kooky challenges that you, the viewer, can safely replicate at home without sending the legal department at Discovery Communications into massive conniptions.

9pm, Starz
Black Sails
Flint is shocked—shocked!—to learn that there may be a thief among his pirates. Elsewhere, Silver and Max take refuge in a house of ill repute while Vane expresses doubts about Rackham’s latest scheme.

9pm, BBC America
Jason snacks on sacrificial meat in “Hunger Pangs,” triggering a bout of troubling behavior. Can Hercules and Pythagoras find an antidote before his noxious nosh drives him over the edge?

Hannah tries to mediate between Adam and Caroline, even as her book deal is poised to go down the tubes. Meanwhile in “Only Child,” Jessa follows a more positive course, and Ray gets frank with Marnie. (Note: The episode will also air in its usual time slot, Sunday at 10pm, and is already available to view on HBO GO and on-demand.)

In “Looking at Your Browser History,” Patrick meets his new boss at a video game launch party on board an aircraft carrier, while Dom shares his restaurant ambitions with Doris. Elsewhere, Agustin’s career takes a sudden downswing but his romantic prospects perk up. (Note: The episode will also air in its usual time slot, Sunday at 10:30pm, and is already available to view on HBO GO and on-demand.)

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Host Melissa McCarthy adds her comic chops to the lineup, musical guest Imagine Dragons makes their debut trip to Studio 8H, and the show bids adieu to Seth Meyers, who's bound for weekday late-night pastures.


What to watch on Sunday, February 2...

12pm, Hallmark
Kitten Bowl
A whole mess of kitties frolic in a vaguely football-themed environment for three hours, though I can’t imagine anyone here on the internet would be terribly interested in something like that.

3pm, Animal Planet
Puppy Bowl X
The annual cavalcade of cuddly canines turns ten, complete with a kitten-covered halftime show and the inimitable sideline reporting of Meep the Bird.

Live, 6pm Eastern, Fox
Super Bowl XLVIII
The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks battle for the Lombardi Trophy in the frigid climes of East Rutherford, NJ. Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers headline the halftime entertainment.

6pm, Nat Geo Wild
Fish Bowl
National Geographic presents four hours of a goldfish swimming around in a goldfish bowl, in what’s either the most brazen stroke of counter-programming or the most unrepentant surrender of primetime in TV history.

9pm, PBS
Downton Abbey
Rose plans a surprise party for Robert, but might it cause a stir amongst the peerage by tipping from joviality into outright merriment? In other Grantham goings-on, an erstwhile suitor calls on Mary, and distressing news finds its way to Edith.

9pm, Showtime
In “Strangers on a Train,” Fiona’s dalliance may come to light when Mike stops by Robbie’s place at an inopportune moment. Meanwhile, Lip’s return to the neighborhood is greeted less warmly than he expected, and Frank connives with Carl to net an insurance windfall.

“His Last Vow” pits Holmes against an unscrupulous publishing magnate/blackmailer extraordinaire who seems to have every important personage in the Western world in his pocket.

10pm, Showtime
House of Lies
Marty’s new musician clients have conflicting goals for their clothing company in “Associates,” which also finds Clyde hitting a low point and Jeannie staking out her turf in the new Kaan order.

10:30pm, Showtime
A Tonight Show appearance sends Matt’s career on an unexpected detour, while Merc rattles off some new show idea pitches to Carol.

10:30pm ET or immediately after the Super Bowl, Fox
New Girl
“Prince” finds Jess and Cece attending a party thrown by the Purple One himself at his swanky abode, while the uninvited fellas concoct a plan to crash the gates. Also on the guest list: Cy Young Award-winning L.A. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw and Victoria’s Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros.

11pm ET or following New Girl, Fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy’s latest team-up is toppled by the revelation that she may split from the Nine-Nine to join the Vulture (Dean Winters) in Special Crimes. Elsewhere in “Operation: Broken Feather,” Terry and Capt. Holt brainstorm efficiency improvements, and Jake has a run-in with Super Bowl veteran Joe Thiesmann.


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