What to Watch This Weekend: The Olympics, House of Cards Season 2, and The Walking Dead

What to watch on Friday, February 14...

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 12am Pacific, Netflix
House of Cards
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright resume their Machiavellian machinations, with rising congresswoman Molly Parker adding new wrinkles to now-Vice President Frank Underwood’s latest schemes. All 13 episodes of the second season drop today.

7pm, ESPN
NBA All-Star Celebrity Game
Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons coach the Hollywood hoopster squads, featuring two-time MVP Kevin Hart, Michael B. Jordan, Nick Cannon, Erin HeathertonColumbus Short, WNBA stars Skylar Diggins and Elena Delle Donne, and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

8pm, NBC
2014 Winter Olympic Games
Coverage from Sochi includes the men's figure skating gold medal final, the men’s Alpine skiing super combined gold medal final, the women’s freestyle skiing aerials gold medal final, and the women’s skeleton gold medal final runs.

8pm, ABC
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Valentine
In the 1975 holiday special, Lucy is determined to coax some amour out of Schroder whether he likes it or not, while Sally misinterprets the chocolatey gift Linus brings into class. Then in the 2002 installment, ol’ Chuck is looking for love in all the wrong places when his attempt to woo the little red-haired girl lands him on Peppermint Patty’s arm instead.

9pm, PBS
Great Performances
Live extracts and archival footage commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National Theatre of Great Britain. Guests include Benedict Cumberbatch, Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Helen Mirren, and many more veterans of the acclaimed stage. Highlighted productions include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Mourning Becomes Electra, and Bedroom Farce.

10pm, Syfy
Danger looms in “Survivor Zero,” now that Constance Sutton (Jeri Ryan) and her merry band of mercenaries are in the mix. But what are their true motives, and can Hatake guard Walker against their wrath?

10pm, Cinemax
Jason’s past comes back to haunt him in “Armies of One,” because one does not simply walk away from a Columbia Record Club membership one signed up for in 1995. As Lucas tries to help him out of his jam, Gordon and Deva adjust badly to Carrie’s absence, and Rebecca learns a harsh lesson.

– Regina Hall, Patti Stanger, and Dean Edwards on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Elizabeth Banks and Chris Voth on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, February 15...

10:30am, The Hub
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
A concert by the Ponytones may fall through after one of the singers drops out in "Filli Vanilli." How far will Fluttershy go to keep the gig alive?

8pm, NBC
2014 Winter Olympic Games
Coverage from Sochi includes the women’s Alpine skiing Super-G gold medal final, the men’s short track 1000m gold medal final, the men’s speed skating 1500m gold medal final, and the men’s ski jumping individual K-125 large hill gold medal final.

8pm, CBS
48 Hours Presents: The Whole Gritty City
Wynton Marsalis hosts this documentary following the youth outreach efforts of three marching band directors in New Orleans. In a city with one of the highest murder rates in the U.S., these instructors and their students turn to music as a source of support and uplift.

8pm, Discovery
In “Mythssion Impossible,” the team tests three popular idioms to see if the tasks they describe are truly unachievable: herding cats, wrangling a greased pig, and stuffing a five-pound bag with 10 pounds of doody. No one ever said science was glamorous, folks.

SEASON 1 FINALE, 9pm, BBC America
With Minos’s condition worsening and Ariadne headed for the chopping block, Pasiphae’s power grab nears completion in “Touched by the Gods, Part 2.” Can Jason rescue the princess from her dire fate and keep the city from falling into the queen’s fiendish clutches?

9pm, Starz
Black Sails
While the Walrus crew’s mission absorbs a devastating blow, Flint gets word that Billy may prove dangerous himself. Elsewhere, Eleanor seeks her father’s aid, Rackham and Bonny try to reclaim what’s theirs, and Vane greets that C-story mainstay, Someone From His Past.

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 10pm, Science
Outrageous Acts of Science
“Anvil shooting” is one of the highly scientific antics cited in the logline for “Kings of Carnage,” and I’m honestly not sure whether this means shooting at anvils—which seems like it would only make them mad—or shooting anvils out of some enormous anvil-cannon. Either way, stuff’s gonna get smashed.


What to watch on Sunday, February 16...

8pm, NBC
2014 Winter Olympic Games
Coverage from Sochi includes the ice dancing short dance, the men’s Alpine skiing Super-G gold medal final, the women’s snowboarding cross gold medal final, the women’s speed skating 1500m gold medal final, and the two-man bobsled competition.

8pm, TNT
2014 NBA All-Star Game
Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and the Western Conference All-Stars come into the 63rd annual contest riding a three-year winning streak, which LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and their Eastern Conference teammates hope to snap. The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans is the venue for the second time since 2008, though in the interregnum, Smoothie King Strawnana III was deposed and replaced by reigning Smoothie King Mangoberry the Fruitlicious.

8pm, BBC America
The EE British Academy Film Awards
Stephen Fry hosts the 67th Annual BAFTAs from London’s Royal Opera House. Gravity leads the field with 11 nominations, followed by 10 each for 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle

SERIES FINALE, 8pm, Disney
Good Luck Charlie
“Good Bye Charlie” finds Teddy preparing to head off for college, and having trouble creating one last video diary for her sister. Meanwhile, Amy and Bob pull together a going-away party, and Teddy’s ex Spencer surprises her with a sudden visit.

9pm, PBS
Downton Abbey
As Robert and Thomas return from the States, Edith and Rosamund ready for their own voyage abroad and Bates departs on a domestic trip. Mary, however, doesn’t need to travel anywhere—not as long as she’s the preferred destination of her many gentlemen callers.

9pm, AMC
The Walking Dead
Gentlemen callers are flocking to the Walking Dead gang as well in “Inmates,” though perhaps “zombies” would be more accurate than “gentlemen,” and perhaps “unrelenting brain-gobblers” would be more accurate than “callers.” Just as many robustly starched shirt collars and tweed topcoats, though.

9pm, Showtime
“Iron City” finds Liam in the hospital, Frank in the ER, and Fiona in the slammer. So clearly we’ve hit the universe-smacks-the-Gallaghers-around-like-a-catnip-mouse leg of the season.

9pm, HBO
True Detective
Cohle and Hart put a ribbon on the Dora Lange case in “The Secret Fate of All Life,” and everybody lives happily ever after. Well, until new questions surface, doubts fog up what the guys thought they knew, and dangerous temptations take hold. In 2012, Papania and Gilbough present new intelligence that throws both ex-partners into disarray.

9pm, Food Network
“Bacon Baskets!” tasks the chefs with using bacon in every basket, because sometimes episode titles just get straight to the point. Apple chips, dried cherries, and French toast are among the other fortunate foodstuffs partnering with said bacon.

10pm, Showtime
House of Lies
Marty mulls a backstab after Dre puts him through the paces in “Middlegame,” while Lukas’s suspicions come to Jeannie’s attention. Elsewhere, Doug commits a whopper of a faux pas, and Clyde tries to gain some ground with Marty.

10pm, HBO
The gang is Long Island-bound in “Beach House,” and they are going to have fun and unwind according to Marnie’s scrupulous and inviolable regimen, dammit. Even Hannah’s chance encounter with Elijah and his buddies won’t deter them from their weekend bonding.

10:30pm, Showtime
When Pucks! is yanked from the schedule, Sean takes comfort in denial while Beverly prepares to move on. Meanwhile, Matt takes up with a young fan. Not, like that young, because ew, but y’know, relative to Matt LeBlanc: pretty young.

10:30pm, HBO
In “Looking for the Future,” Patrick plays hooky to spend the day with Richie. As they traipse through San Francisco’s most scenic sites, they discuss their pasts, their future goals, and the many thinkpieces focused on their show’s depiction of 21st century gay male life.


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