What to Watch This Weekend: The Return of 666 Park Avenue, the Series Premieres of Devious Maids and Crossing Lines, and the Season Finales of Mad Men and Veep

What to watch on Friday, June 21...

9pm, Starz
Magic City
In “Angels of Death,” Ike gambles on a scheme to oust Ben from the hotel, while Ben files the paperwork to have Ike rubbed out. Peas in a pod, these two! I bet they each figure out what the other is doing at the exact same time and then share a hearty laugh over the whole thing.

10pm, Syfy
Kiera checks out the hot new drug all the kids are into these days, because it’s also the hot new drug all the kids were (will be?) into in the future. Meanwhile in “Second Thoughts,” Sonya and Travis let gangs do their dirty work as their feud escalates.

10pm, IFC
Marc wigs out when his boink buddy from last week’s episode announces her plans to relocate to his city. Sounds like “Jen Moves to L.A.” will offer ample opportunity to test guest-star Aubrey Plaza’s signature shit-giving skills.

Breaking Bad
For the next couple months, Friday-night mini-marathons of the entire series thus far will help you gird your loins for the final stretch, which begins on August 11. Tonight, you can return to a gentler, simpler, less Heisenbergy time with the first five episodes of the series.

– Terry Bradshaw, Steve Byrne, and Joseph Arthur on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Jason Statham, Adrian Peterson, the guys from RecordSetter, Zedd, and Nintendo Wii U demos of Game & Wario and Super Mario 3D World on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC
– Maggie Gyllenhaal and Matt Goldich on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


What to watch on Saturday, June 22...

10:30am, Nickelodeon
Sanjay and Craig
Craig is fed up with Sanjay’s olfactory offenses, so Sanjay takes up residence in the sewer in “Stinkboy.” Then in “Wolfie,” Hector’s new obsession with lupine lifeforms tests the boys’ patience.

8pm, ABC
Zero Hour
Hank presses his parents for details of his childhood in “Weight,” but even their grudging admissions seem to mask the full story. What about those 11 straight Halloweens Li’l Hank dressed up as a clock, huh Hank’s folks?! Surely that must hold the key to... something! On the scavenger hunt front, the gang arrives in Istanbul (not Constantinople).

666 Park Avenue
ABC has no shortage of quickly axed, supernaturally tinged dramas to burn off for this summer, I see. “The Comfort of Death” brings back Terry O’Quinn as everyone’s favorite hotHELLier (h/t: Cryptkeeper), who enthusiastically greets Sasha’s return to the Drake and plans a political fundraiser for Henry. Meanwhile, Jane’s troublesome dreams drive her to seek answers, and Alexis searches for an escape clause.

Brooklyn DA
One team deals with a man who claims to be his deceased mother, and another team targets a group of thieves raiding and selling human remains for scraps. And now, let’s all vote to crown the Creepy as Hell Brooklyn DA Storyline of the Week! I have a feeling this is going to be a close race.

10pm, Syfy
Primeval: The New World
When a cargo plane vanishes in “Fear of Flying,” Evan and Dylan zip back in time to go searching for it. Say, giant angry-looking bugs in the promo clip—you wouldn’t happen to know anything about this, wouldja? No? Well, do us a favor and keep your antennae peeled.


What to watch on Sunday, June 23...

Crossing Lines
A reclusive former cop with personal demons (William Fichtner) joins a squad of investigative specialists to track a jet-setting serial killer. That sound you just heard was millions of viewers hitting TV-trope Bingo. Also Donald Sutherland is around doin’ stuff, and the whole thing centers on the International Criminal Court. Maybe the team will face a procession of wacky judges at The Hague every week?

Thirteen visitors to an august estate are greeted by the household’s butler... and murder. [Cue spooky theremin riff.] Can the contestants on this new reality competition solve the ghastly crime and collect the $250,000 prize? Or will they be summarily dispatched by the killer, one by one, like on The Bachelor but with daggers and lead pipes?

SEASON 5 PREMIERE, 9pm, Lifetime
Drop Dead Diva
“Old Jane” may have rejoined the mortal coil in “Back from the Dead,” and she could be shacking up inside anybody—including Owen, who has up and vanished after seeing Current Jane lock lips with Grayson. In the courtroom, Jane goes to bat for a young boy whose cancer treatment is nixed by a pharmaceutical company, while Kim represents a woman victimized by a vengeful ex.

9pm, HBO
True Blood
Sookie and Jason stumble upon a long-lost Stackhouse, Bill acclimates to his power upgrades, and Eric launches a counterattack on Burrell’s anti-vamp offensive. Elsewhere in “The Sun,” Alcide and Martha confront Sam, whose hands are already full trying to dial down a supernatural-rights fanatic.

The administration is at political DEFCON-1 in “D.C.,” sending Selina and her staff scurrying. Could the VP’s very career be in jeopardy? Will the third season find her washed-up, riding the speaking circuit, frantically trying to land a Brookings Institute fellowship? Come to think of it, Armando Iannucci could probably spin gold out of that one.

Mad Men
“Don has a problem,” says a logline for “In Care Of” that may as well read “Humans interact,” or “Matthew Weiner trolls America.” In fake plot addendums, Peggy has a dilemma, Joan has a quandary, Sally has a conundrum, and Pete is in a pickle.

SERIES PREMIERE, 10pm, Lifetime
Devious Maids
Five maids juggle their glitzy (or glitz-adjacent) lives and ambitions while tending to the homes, families, and sordid personal drama of Beverly Hills in the latest offering from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. In the series debut, the women are taken aback by the murder of a colleague during one of the toniest society galas of the season.

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 10pm, BBC America
A new ward leader arrives to help rein in the chaos plaguing Five Points, which in “Home, Sweet Home” specifically includes a rash of vanishing young men. Meanwhile, Freeman receives an appealing but potentially homewrecking offer, and Robert and Elizabeth set to planning a wedding and an execution. You can save a boatload on the caterer if you book those as a package deal.

10pm, TNT
Falling Skies
Having rebuffed an alien assault with some high-grade power-ups and judicious use of the Konami code, the Charlestonians catch the attention of a rebel grandee. While he meets with Tom in “At All Costs,” Ben copes with an identity crisis and Anne makes a shocking and life-threatening discovery.

12am, Cartoon Network
The Venture Bros.
A new foe emerges to put a deadly twist on Rusty’s vacation in “Spanakopita!” I do hope that title alludes to the nature of this new adversary. I think we can all agree that TV has a distressing shortage of spinach-based villains.


And now, let’s all vote to crown the What to Watch Tonight Episode Title of the Week!

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