What to Watch Tonight: Halloween Episodes of Modern Family, Suburgatory, and South Park

What to watch on Wednesday, October 24...

Nothing makes me feel like a kid again more than Halloween. With the holiday just around the corner, tonight's TV programming is laced with the spooktactular, ghoulish spirit we all crave for around this time of the year. So, if you don't have a costume yet, I'm willing to bet at least ONE of these shows will inspire a few ideas. If not, may I suggest dressing up like Honey Boo Boo? "A dolla makes her holla." Really, everyone should be Honey Boo Boo. Everyone! Okay, I'll stop. Here's your TV lineup for tonight!

LIVE, 8:07pm Eastern / 5:07pm Pacfic, Fox
2012 World Series, Game 1: Detroit Tigers at San Francisco Giants
Okay, baseball fans, this is it! Proudly don your panda hats or your... tiger stripes?... because the 2012 World Series begins tonight when the Detroit Tigers face off against the San Francisco Giants at AT & T Park in San Francisco. P.S. TV.com HQ is located in SF, so go Giants!

8pm, NBC
Animal Practice
Get your Animal Practice fix before NBC replaces it with Whitney! In tonight's "The Two George Colemans," Dorothy ends up being the judge for the animal hospital's Halloween costume contest for pets. Meanwhile, Jill's presence at the hospital poses a threat to George, leading him to sabotage one of her operations. Whatever happened to talking things through?

9pm, ABC
Modern Family
In "Open House of Horrors," Phil decides to host an open house on Halloween night while Gloria's hormones are on major overdrive (will we possibly hear her "American" accent again?). Meanwhile, Claire, who likes to keep her Halloween sexy, is forced to tone things down this year and keep it "kid friendly." Speaking of kids, Lily wonders who her real mother is. Not sure how that last part will fit in yet.

9pm, The CW
Every day is like Halloween on Supernatural, amirite? In "Bitten," Dean and Sam investigate a strange murder involving a student film with some gory footage in it. Creepy! During the investigation, the found footage also leads them two dead bodies. Perhaps the victims had "bitten" off more than they could chew? (I'll be here all week, folks.)

9:30pm, ABC
From the sound of things, there will be tons of Halloween costume ideas in this episode; we're not yet sure whether any of them will be worth copying, however. In "The Witch of East Chatswin," Tessa comes up with the idea of feminist-inspired Halloween outfits (umm...); Noah and George try to dress up as each other (boring); Tessa, Lisa, Malik, and Ryan ultimately decide on a Scooby-Doo-themed Halloween (cute!); and Dallas invites George to be "Ken" to her "Barbie," but he declines (ouch!). What do you think Yakult will be?

10pm, Comedy Central
South Park
Tonight's episode, which is titled "A Nightmare on Facetime," sees the boys dressing up as iconic characters from The Avengers for Halloween. But at the very last minute, Stan—who is dressed like Captain America—is told he can't go trick-or-treating, so he tags along via Facetime on an iPad. Crappy break for Stan, but... maybe a clever episode for us?

10pm, ABC
For those of you looking for something a little less Halloween-themed/comedic/demon-hunty, how about Episode 3 of one of the season's best new dramas? In "Someday You'll Call My Name," Rayna confronts her dad about their relationship and finds herself focusing on her family's financial ruin. Also, Juliette's troubled mom is back in the picture, and also ends up asking Deacon to exclusively write for her.

Bill O'Reilly, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
President Barack Obama, No Doubt on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
Axl Rose, Ana Gasteyer, and The Whigs on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 12am, NBC
Rod Stewart, Jennifer Morrison on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC
Susan Sarandon on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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