What to Watch Tonight: SVU Says Goodbye to Sgt. Munch, AHS: Coven Gets Even Witchier, and Toy Story of Terror! Finds, Well, Terror in a Roadside Motel

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What to watch on Wednesday, October 16...

8pm, ABC
Toy Story of Terror!
Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, and many more reprise their roles in this new entry in the Toy Story franchise. When the gang comes along for a road trip that wends its way to a mysterious motel, a series of spooky shenanigans ensue.

8pm, NBC
In “Patriot Games,” Monroe and Charlie’s interactions develop new shades, while Aaron cranks his brain up to 11. And while Rachel and Miles patch up their wounds and prepare for a pending Patriot occupation, Neville pulls the strings of the Patriots’ biggest cheeses.

8pm, The CW
Glades Memorial is being drained of medicine by heinous hijackers, and Oliver “Don’t Call Him the Hood” Queen is on the case in “Identity.” As the rechristened Arrow grapples with China White and her new partner, Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Laurel works to nab Starling City’s vigilante and Thea drops an ultimatum on Roy.

9pm, The CW
The Tomorrow People
“In Too Deep” finds Ultra trying to get all up in Stephen’s brain, and a miffed John refusing to help the newest Tomorrovian. As Cara covertly comes to Stephen’s aid, Ultra busies itself with the hunt for a new, decidedly more felonious break-out.

9pm, BBC America
Burton and Taylor
Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter portray Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s most storied and tumultuous couples, in a film that can only hope to approach the lofty heights attained by Lindsay Lohan’s now-iconic Liz & Dick.

9pm, ABC
Modern Family
All right gang, we’ve got a big reservation at a swanky restaurant in “The Late Show,” so you all know the drill. Gloria, you’re on “taking an absurdly long time to get ready” duty. Claire and Phil, you handle the “ill-timed and repetitive argument that drives everyone crazy.” Mitch and Cam, you’re the clear choice for the “two characters wind up wearing the same outfit” schtick. Okay, everyone set? Let’s get out there and sitcom-cliche the hell out of this bastard! Woo!

9pm, NBC
Law & Order: SVU
The gang gathers to bid a fond farewell to Sgt. John Munch, as Richard Belzer officially dials back the role he originated 20 year ago on Homicide: Life on the Street and has since played across multiple series and even a movie or two. Also in “Wonderland Story,” a rape victim seeks aid from Benson when she fears a repeat of the attack.

10pm, FX
American Horror Story: Coven
In the wake of tragedy, Fiona offers a ballast to Zoe and Madison in “Boy Parts.” Meanwhile, life in this crazy modern world bedevils Delphine, and Cordelia must make a painful decision regarding her family.

10pm, CBS
The team investigates the set of a reality cooking show after the program accidentally serves its contestants human flesh in “Last Supper.” To be fair, this situation is not entirely without precedent in the world of reality cooking shows, since it’s pretty well known that Gordon Ramsay devours 12 human babies before every TV episode he appears in. Guest-star Wolfgang Puck is not amused by either inadvertent cannibalism or jokes implying that Gordon Ramsay is a bloodthirsty demon who walks the Earth in human guise.

10pm, ABC
Juliette is left high and dry after Rayna peaces out on the rest of the tour, while Teddy pops the question to Peggy but tries to keep his daughters from finding out just yet. Elsewhere in “You’re No Angel Yourself,” Tandy discovers unsettling details about her mother’s death, and Deacon finds common ground with Megan.

10pm, Comedy Central
South Park
“Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” follows the town’s black-clad young’uns to a camp dedicated to the less well adjusted.
 UPDATE: Comedy Central has just announced that it will now air a rerun of Season 5's "Scott Tenorman Must Die" tonight, and the previously scheduled "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" will now air next week, on October 23.

10pm, FXX
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
A flu outbreak ravages Philly, spurring the crew to sequester themselves inside Paddy’s in “The Gang Gets Quarantined.” After all, they need their vocal cords in tip-top shape with their big singing competition just around the corner. No, seriously. I’m not making that part up. It says so right in the episode summary.

10:30pm, FXX
The League
Andre signs up for a class in stand-up comedy in “The Bringer Show,” and surely his League brethren will support and encourage him wholeheartedly in this raw and risky mode of artistic expression. Meanwhile, Jenny joins a women’s investment club and Pete disses Ruxin by leaving two roster spots vacant for their upcoming matchup.

– Jackie Chan, Judy Greer, and Tamar Braxton on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Ke$ha, Jesse Bering, and Fitz & the Tantrums on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Mountain climber Melissa Arnot on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Colin Quinn on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, 11pm, FXX
– Bill O’Reilly and The Head & The Heart on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Danny McBride, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Michael Franti on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Robin Williams on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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