What to Watch Tonight: The Premieres of Gossip Girl, 90210, and a Miniseries About the Titanic

What to watch on Monday, October 8...

Raise your hand, who had a great weekend? I spent mine catching up on TV while teaching myself how to make origami vampire fangs—not an easy task, I must say. Anyway, check out what's on TV tonight:

In "Til Death Do Us Part," Dixon is still in pretty bad shape after the horrific car accident he got into in the Season 4 finale. Meanwhile, Naomi and Max end up in jail, Liam is forced to sell The Offshore to pay off Vanessa, and Adrianna—who's unaware of Dixon's accident—parties in Vegas. Oh, and as part of The CW's ongoing effort to cast (fleetingly) famous non-actor guest-stars, Carly Rae Jepsen—the singer who put "Call Me Maybe" in your head all summer—will make a special musical appearance.

Titanic: Blood and Steel
This new 12-part miniseries—which will air two parts per night for the next six nights—tells the untold story of the Titanic's owner, J.P. Morgan, and the politics and financial pressures involved in building the legendary ship. Neve Campbell, Kevin Zegers, Derek Jacobi, and Chris Noth star. Who wants to find out who lives? Me. Me. Me.

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl is kicking off its final, 10-episode season with an episode called "Gone Maybe Gone," in which Blair and Chuck split after making a promise to each other. Meanwhile, Georgina helps Dan with his tell-all book (?) and a search for Serena leads to surprising results. As Gossip Girl herself might say, wouldn't you like to know? But seriously, would you? How many of you guys are still watching the show?

9pm, CBS
2 Broke Girls
In "And the Hold-up," the diner gets robbed while Han shocks everyone in what I'm hoping is a brave move to stop an armed assailant. Maybe he's a secret judo master and his identity will finally be revealed?

10pm, NBC
Last week, Charlie and Nora rescued Miles from Militia, but lost two of their own men when Aaron and Maggie were left behind (oops!). In tonight's "The Plague Dogs," Charlie and Miles travel with Nora to find Maggie and Aaron while Nate tracks their every step. As the gang reunites and continues on with their journey, "unforeseeable challenges await." In other words, expect plenty more shooting and sword-fighting.

10pm, ABC
In "Secret's Safe With Me," a woman is mysteriously murdered, and Beckett and Castle discover her death may be linked to a repossessed storage unit that's up for auction. Will they have to bid against the Storage Wars guys to look for evidence? Tune in to find out!

Max Greenfield on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35 p.m., CBS
Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35 p.m., NBC
Ben Affleck, Ben Howard on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 12 a.m., ABC
Connie Britton on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37 a.m., NBC
Lisa Kudrow on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, 12:37 a.m., CBS


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