What to Watch Tonight: The Premieres of Sons of Anarchy, The New Normal, and Parenthood

What to watch on Tuesday, September 11...

It's a big night for NBC what with all these premieres and all. You know what this means, right? Fall premiere season HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! Leave it to NBC to try to get the head-start. Let's take a look at what's on TV tonight:

8pm, Fox
So You Think You Can Dance
It's the final four, ya'll! And now that the competition is extra fierce, it's time to start analyzing these contestants with hawk-eyes, trying to figure out who's going to buckle under the pressure first. Which dynamic dance team has your vote locked down?

The New Normal
Are you ready for some controversy!? YEAH! Though not actually that controversial depending on where you reside, NBC's new sitcom has been raising eyebrows for its subject matter: a wonderfully loving gay couple looking to expand their family. When they finally find the perfect surrogate, Goldie, who recently uprooted her eight year-old daughter to Los Angeles after a failed career and marriage in the Midwest, they are unwillingly subjected to Goldie's extraordinarily close-minded grandmother. Bring on the stereotypes!

9pm, USA
White Collar
In "Gloves Off" Neal goes undercover as a Wall Street stock trader, which means he gets to go on the floor hollering and throwing hand signals all willy-nilly-like. Sounds like fun, Neal! Alright so it's a little more complicated: Peter and Neal aren't after Wall Street execs, per se... they're really after an underground fight club where traders fight for insider information.

It's baaack! In "Family Portrait" the family gets together to pose for a family photo before Haddie runs off to college. Of course that just leads into a whole boatload of family drama: Kristina, Adam, and Max have a hard time adjusting to Haddie being gone, Crosby and Jasmine argue over what kind of spiritual beliefs they want to raise Jabbar with, Julia and Joel have a hard time dealing with their new son's behavior, and Sarah tries to prove her worth to a photographer while Amber tries out a new job at the Luncheonette—man, how many storylines can one show handle??

Sons of Anarchy
Are you ready for a fifth season of roaring engines and badass leather jackets? I am! In tonight's season premiere, "Sovereign," Jax takes hold of SAMCRO, but a series of (unfortunate) events start to rear up in Charming, causing the town to unravel at a rapid pace. So much drama already!

High School Moms, 8 p.m., TLC
So You Think You Can Dance, TOP 4 PERFORM, 8 p.m., Fox
The Voice, 9 p.m., NBC
19 Kids and Counting, 9 p.m., TLC
Dance Moms, SEASON FINALE, 9 p.m., Lifetime
Face Off, 9 p.m., Syfy
Flipping Out, 9 p.m., Bravo
Hard Time, 9 p.m., NatGeo
Mysteries at the Museum, 9 p.m., Travel
Property Virgins, 9 p.m., HGTV
White Collar, 9 p.m., USA
The New Normal, SERIES PREMIERE, 9 p.m., NBC
Abby & Brittany, 10 p.m., TLC
Addicted, 10 p.m., Discovery Fitness & Health
All the Right Moves, 10 p.m., Oxygen
Chopped, 10 p.m., Food Network
Covert Affairs, 10 p.m., USA
Criminal Defense, SEASON PREMIERE, 10 p.m., NatGeo
Gangsters: America's Most Evil, 10 p.m., Bio
Parenthood, SEASON PREMIERE, 10 p.m., NBC
Shipping Wars, 10 p.m., A&E
Twisted, SEASON PREMIERE, 10 p.m., Investigation Discovery
Teen Mom, REUNION, 10 p.m., MTV
The Week the Women Went, SEASON FINALE, 10 p.m., Lifetime
Collection Intervention, 10:30 p.m., Syfy
House Hunters International, 10:30 p.m., HGTV
The Burn With Jeff Ross, 10:30 p.m., Comedy Central

Phil McGraw and Dakota Johnson on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 12 a.m., ABC


What are you watching tonight?

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