What to Watch Tonight: The Return of Parks and Recreation, the Series Premiere of TBS's Ground Floor, and the Season 3 Premiere of Eagleheart

What to watch on Thursday, November 14...

8pm & 8:30pm, NBC
Parks and Recreation
Leslie’s birthday bash for Ben is interrupted by a city council emergency in “Filibuster,” while Tom hopes to preserve some cherished moments with new squeeze Nadia (Tatiana Maslany). Then in “Recall Vote,” Leslie, Ben, Ann, and Chris avoid ballot-box stress by staging a haunted house—and what perfect timing, since this episode is airing on Halloween November 14!

8pm, CBS
The Big Bang Theory
When Sheldon learns of a past snafu of Leonard’s in “The Itchy Brain Simulation,” Leonard hopes to settle things before Sheldon can wildly overreact. Because sure, that’ll happen. Nice try, Hofstadter.

8pm, The CW
The Vampire Diaries
After Orphan Black threw down the one-actress-multiple-roles gauntlet, veteran doppelgänger factory TVD is clearly anxious to meet the rookie’s challenge. “Death and the Maiden” finds ancient Greek refugee Amara adjusting to the world of MODERN VIRGINIA 2,000 YEARS LATER. Meanwhile Original Recipe Elena brings Stefan up to speed, Dr. Wes drops some worrisome news on Katherine, and Damon enlists Tessa’s help with a new scheme that may somehow introduce a fourth Dobrev into this universe.

9pm, Fox
In “The End of Twerk,” the gang… y’know what? Nope. Just nope. Moving right along. Whaddya got for us, Grey’s Anatomy?

9pm, ABC
Grey’s Anatomy
“Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” declares this week’s episode, although Callie finds out that the phrase “malpractice lawsuit” is also quite tough to swallow. As her father (Hector Elizondo) comes to her aid, flashbacks shed light on Callie and Arizona’s marriage.

9pm, CBS
The Crazy Ones
An account conflict forces the shop to cut ties with its oldest client in “The Stan Wood Account,” sparking tension between Simon and his partner Gordon (Brad Garrett). Might guest-star Ed Asner help the two patch things up with a stern yet caring lecture?

9pm, USA
White Collar
To nab a con man who’s insinuated himself with a moneyed Manhattan clan, Neal must pose as a butler and insinuate himself with said clan. The irony driving “Master Plan” is surely not lost on him.

10pm, USA
Covert Affairs
“There Goes My Gun” sends Annie, Auggie, and Calder to Hong Kong in an unsanctioned effort to shut down Henry’s courier. Back in the States, Joan and Arthur drag a Benedict Arnold into the light.

10pm, CBS
Mycroft hopes to persuade Sherlock to move back across the pond in “Blood Is Thicker,” though standing outside his window blaring “London Calling” from a boombox may not be the most persuasive tactic. In case-of-the-week business, Holmes and Watson investigate the slaying of a young woman linked to a wealthy executive.

10pm, NBC
The spotlight lands on Adam as the media sifts through Kristina’s dirty laundry in “The Ring.” Elsewhere, Victor’s school has some unpleasant news for Julia, Amber’s difficult choice has ramifications for Ryan, and Zeek’s fatherly counsel has an uplifting effect on Sarah.

10pm, ABC
Will the title “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” prove accurate or ironic when the First Lady saddles up for a hard-nosed press hit? At Pope & Associates, Quinn’s plunge into full-blown crazypantsitude continues to gain speed; and in flashbacks, the origins of the Fitz-Mellie-Cyrus Triumvirate of Frenemiship are revealed.

SERIES PREMIERE, 10pm & 10:30pm, TBS
Ground Floor
A rainmaking banker and a building maintenance employee stumble into an awkward relationship in this sitcom co-created by Bill Lawrence, of Spin City, Scrubs, and Cougar Town fame. The two-part premiere finds hoity-toity Brody and down-to-earth Jennifer meeting at a party and Brody’s boss (John C. McGinley) weighing in on their nascent romance.

SEASON 3 PREMIERE, 12am, Cartoon Network
Monsanto probes the mysterious disappearance of local aquarium denizens as “Moss” kicks off a season-long arc of hard-nosed lawmanning. Also, he may or may not have committed homicide by heavy machinery. But hey, these things happen when you’re keeping the peace.

– Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut, and Harold Perrineau on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Melissa McCarthy & Billy Gardell, Chris Elliott, and Yuna on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Kerry Washington on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Jim Norton on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, 11pm, FXX
– Geoffrey Rush on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Author Alexis Ohanian on The Colbert Report, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Craig Ferguson, Jaimie Alexander, and J Rand featuring Flo Rida on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35pm, NBC
– Claire Danes, Will Forte, and Metric on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Sarah Silverman, David Blaine, and Charlie Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Damian Lewis, Steve Coogan, Sheryl Crow, and Wanz on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 12:37am, NBC
– Donald Sutherland and Casey Wilson on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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So glad I gave up Once Upon a Time in Wonderland for Reign. While I have been taken completely offguard about it, the truth remains that the latter is unbelievably superior to the former.
and @Midnight
and EagleHeart
Thursday is a verrrry busy night for my DVR!
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