What to Watch Tonight: The Series Premiere of Defiance, the Season 2 Finale of Dallas, and HIMYM

What to watch on Monday, April 15...

Oh Sit!
Gin Wigmore performs to kick off the second season of Oh Sit!. I’m just gonna leave that string of words right there for you to mull over, as you contemplate the likelihood of a higher power or some other organizing force for justice and order guiding the universe. The second season. Of Oh Sit!.

8pm, CBS
How I Met Your Mother
“Romeward Bound” finds Lily considering the Captain’s offer to accompany him to the Eternal City for a year as his art consultant. On the con side, the move might spark resentment in Marshall. On the pro side, that’s 365 glorious days she wouldn’t have to spend in the choadish company of Ted and Barney, who this week are lamenting an attractive woman’s choice to wear a puffy coat, because of course they are.

9pm, Fox
The Following
In an attempt to win the trust of a follower, Ryan goes against the FBI’s wishes in “Havenport.” Just to be clear: Do the previous 12 weeks of uninterrupted abject failure not count as going against the FBI’s wishes? At MurderCo, Roderick’s sheriffing is jeopardized when the Havenport PD gets involved in the case.

The arrival of Nolan and Irisa threatens to stir up residents of the border town of Defiance (née St. Louis) in the opener of this dystopic series set in post-intergalactic-war 2046. The show will be tied in with a massive multiplayer online video game of the same name, a model not attempted on television since the little-remembered Airwolf-Tiger Heli crossover of 1985.

SEASON 2 FINALE, 9pm & 10pm, TNT
After Pamela and John Ross uncover new information about J.R.’s murder, Bobby divulges more details of the late patriarch’s master plan in part one of tonight's two-hour finale, “Guilt By Association.” In part two, “Legacies,” the Ewings join forces to see that plan to (almost certainly diabolical) fruition, while J.R.’s killer is unmasked and alliances shift.

Top of the Lake
The search to find Tui intensifies as her due date approaches and her DVR storage suprasses 95 percent. As an unstable Matt takes matters into his own hands, Robin—shaken by new revelations about Johnno—hurries to find the missing girl first.

10pm, ABC
What sort of tracks have been discovered at the site of a grisly murder in “The Fast and the Furriest”? Mr. Castle, they're the footprints of a gigantic Bigfoot! At least, that’s the working theory. Castle and Beckett’s investigation into primate research and big-game hunting will probably turn up a simpler solution... unless this episode is a backdoor pilot for a Harry and the Hendersons reboot?

10pm, CBS
Hawaii Five-0
Jimmy Buffett and Terry O’Quinn return for “Olelo Pa’a,” in which a mission to North Korea leads McGarrett to reminisce about his last excursion into the rogue state. I hope in that story, the three of them were members of a barbershop quartet determined to recruit Kim Jong-Il as their tenor.

10pm, NBC
Neville’s disappearance drives Monroe into a bout of paranoia, while Miles and Charlie grow closer together. Elsewhere in “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” Rachel stocks up on heal potions and saves her game before tackling the dreaded Tower level.

– Bengt Washburn and Chelsea Handler on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Will.i.am on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Jennifer Hudson, Bob Saget, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Rob Lowe on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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