Whatever Happened to Peter Moon?

"There's part of me that is a desperate has-been," admits comedian Peter Moon.

As a former Fast Forward actor and breakfast radio star, Moon is very familiar with the trappings of success.

But that was some time ago. Now, after a few lean years, he's back with his own comedy series playing himself as an out-of-work actor -- a brave move.

But Moon thinks the time is right for Australia to attempt a self-referential comedy such as Curb Your Enthusiasm or Extras.

"Larry David really draws on his personality faults and foibles to create a comic character, and that's what I'm trying to do, because then you don't get something that's like a stereotype," he said.

"You get something with a bit of depth and complexity. So the first thing we did was remove all the boring bits of me, which left us with about 2 per cent to work with. Then we kind of expanded those bits into this character and voila…"

In the series, Moon spends much of his time trying to edge his way back into the world of show business. He is madly writing film scripts and pitching them to successful movie directors, who were also happy to play themselves.

"Bruce Beresford came along and he was great. It was about me pitching a script to him, and being unable to print it out and him suspecting I'd given it to Peter Weir. And that episode's called 'A Dog Ate My USB Key'. Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) came and so I pitched it to him. And then there's a whole lot of guys called the 'Has-Been's' who we asked. John Blackman, Pete Smith, Wilbur Wilde

"There's a few times throughout the series when we all line-up outside the casting office for some hideously embarrassing commercial for haemorrhoid cream or nasal distribution technologies."

Moon concedes there were others he approached who didn't want to be seen as a Has-Been. But Moon didn't mind showing them how it's done.

"To be self-conscious like that is not really compatible with being a comedian, in my view. I'm with Ricky Gervais. I hate the whole celebrity shit."

Whatever Happened to That Guy airs 8:30pm Mondays on the Comedy Channel.

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May 23, 2009
Loved Peter Moon in Fast Forward.. Hilarious OHHHH VICTOOOORRRR

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