There's going to be a lot of TV news happening in the next few weeks, but sifting through all the headlines and jibber-jabber can be a real pain in the buttocks! All you want to know is, "Has my favorite show been renewed or canceled or is it in some weird production limbo?" Well that's what we're here for!

Below you'll find a comprehensive, show-by-show status update as we head into the Upfronts, where final decisions will be made on almost every network program. We've placed each show in one of five different categories: 1. Renewed, 2. Likely Renewal, 3. On the Bubble (meaning their fate could go either way), 4. Likely Cancellation, 5. Canceled. 

And if we might take a moment to toot our own horn, unlike other sites, we've desegregated cable and broadcast shows (fight! fight! for cable's rights!) and included a ton of programs from higher up on the dial, too. You can filter the list by network, name, and status to help you find what you're looking for even faster. We'll update this list as news happens, so be sure to bookmark it and keep checking back.

Note that you can also combine the filters, i.e. you can select a few networks and multiple letters in the event that you only want to know the statuses of programs that begin with "R" or "G" on History, Fox, and Showtime or whatever. And if you're looking for a show whose title starts with "The," you'll find under it under "T." To return to the master list, just hit the "Clear All" in the bottom right corner of the menu. 

Finally, here's the boring disclaimer: As always, information is subject to change, and putting together a giant list like this isn't easy. If you think something is incorrect or missing, leave a note in the comments or send a tweet to @tvdotcom or @TimAtTVdotcom and we'll look into it as soon as we can. 

Please allow a second or five for the hamsters to spin the wheels and load the list.