What's the Better Channel: VH1 or CMT?

The Learning Channel just got SCHOOLED! In what has to be one of the most embarrassing blow-outs in the history of this feature, congratulations goes to...

These comments about sum it up:

JT_Kirk: "TLC makes you feel dirty for knowing what its call-letters mean."

pcsjunior002: "BBC America. Is this a serious question?"

And you guys cracked me up so much with this string:

Soundchekz: "BBC America. Two words: Doctor Who."

LydiaWilson1: "Don't you mean Inspector Spacetime?"

JagPatel: "I loved that show, I believe it ran for six seasons and a movie :)"

LydiaWilson1: "I heard its fans are so obnoxious they hijack conversations about other shows..."

Montana_Katana: "Other shows... like Cougarton Abbey?"

Haha nerds are the best!!

This week's match-up will feature music and/or screaming!

Background: The channel formerly known as VH-1: Video Hits One was launched in 1985 and was originally intended to capitalize on MTV's success, but its lineup of pop rock and adult contemporary was actually geared at an older crowd. Like MTV its programming began with blocks of music videos and later came to include music-themed shows like Pop-Up Video, VH1 Storytellers, Behind the Music, and artist-specific video blocks before switching to a "celebreality" format with shows like The Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club. VH1 also basically invented the genre of talking-head specials like I Love The '80s and Best Week Ever, a format it continues to employ heavily to this day.

Original Programming: VH1's current flagship shows tend to involve trashy wives: Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives, and Mob Wives. It's recently branched out into scripted dramas with Single Ladies and also morning talk shows with VH1 Morning Buzz. New pop-culture sketch show Stevie TV premieres this Sunday. Some of VH1's more notoriously trashy shows have included Celebrity Rehab, Breaking Bonaduce, But Can They Sing?, America's Most Smartest Model, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, I Love Money, Rock of Love, The Pickup Artist, and Tool Academy.

Reruns: In addition to ad nauseam repeats of its own content, VH1 has also been known to air old episodes of Saturday Night Live, America's Next Top Model, and RuPaul's Drag Race.

Why It's the Best: VH1 is a channel-surfer magnet. It's flashy, it's colorful, and depending on what show you've landed on, it's often pretty hilarious.

Why It's the Worst: VH1 is also slightly—and there's no polite way to put this—soul-deadening?


Background: Country Music Television was launched in 1983 merely two days before its chief competitor TNN made it to the air. The rivalry between CMT and TNN would shape both channels, up until they were both purchased by Viacom (as most channels were back then), at which point TNN underwent its transmogrification process to become Spike. CMT, meanwhile, prided itself on its nonstop country music video lineup, but eventually went the way of MTV by including more and more reality shows and movies by the early 2000s. It's now one of the best-rated entertainment channels, reaching more than 88 million homes, yet it still claims to air at least six hours of music videos every day. Your move, MTV.

Original Programming: In addition to its various music video blocks and countdowns, CMT's main bread and butter is its country music "lifestyle" programming, including reality shows Sweet Home Alabama, My Big Redneck Wedding, Bayou Billionaires, CMT's Next Superstar, Texas Women, and The Singing Bee.

Reruns: Obviously CMT airs Dukes of Hazzard. Obviously. But also such heartland favorites as the Jeff Foxworthy-hosted Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and—credit where credit's due—surprisingly fun comedy movies like Son in Law, Three Amigos, and The Naked Gun

Why It's the Best: Who doesn't wish they had a charming Southern accent? Plus, whoever chooses CMT's movie lineup deserves a raise...

Why It's the Worst: Except, ugh, the movies are edited and censored to death.

Official TV.com Verdict
While I respect CMT for being the (slightly) classier channel, I can't discount how often I stop on Pop-Up Video while channel-surfing. VH1 it is.

But now it's your turn! COMMENT BELOW and tell us your verdict: VH1 or CMT? And make your case! What do you love or hate about each channel?

Click below to see the full tournament bracket:

Note: Because we started with an odd number of channels, we gave some of the bigger channels a first-round bye.

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