What's Your Favorite Community End Tag?

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Schedules be damned! We're covering our favorite comedy, Community, every week until NBC puts it back on the air.

Back when Community was on the air (*sniff*), 8:29pm on Thursday night didn't mean the show was over. The NBC comedy always saved some of its best material for its end tags, the 45 seconds or so at the end of an episode while the credits run.

Those final moments have seen Troy and Abed faking a morning show, puppies parading around in wagons, and a cartoon version of Dean Pelton eating Jeff Winger. These scenes are proof that the writers behind Community take every second of the very unserious show very seriously.

Though this type of scene isn't unique to Community, the show's end tags soon became a focal point of the program for fans. It all started innocently in Episode 2, when Troy and Abed sat on a coach, dropped a beat-box beat, and spit some gibberish Spanish rhymes about a library and goats. Last week, many of you cited that moment as the one that made you fall in love with Community, so below I've embedded a handful of my favorite Community end tags. And just because WHY NOT?, I've added links to dozens more. Warning: Be prepared to spend the next 30 minutes clicking and laughing.

Cartoon Tunnel

Merry Changmas!

The Darkest Timeline

Puppy Parade!

Troy Meets His Idol

You Penised the Test

More Community end tags for your time-wasting pleasure...
All of these links will open YouTube in a new window unless I've specified otherwise.

Oh Christmas Troy
Space Ships
Leonard's Pizza Review
Same Outfit Trick
Dean's Animated Adventures
Troy and Abed Write a Story
Tails vs. Ears Debate (via NBC.com)
Britta Declares Her Major (via NBC.com)
The Social Network
Anthropology Rap ft. Betty White
Awesome Elevator
Troy and Abed in Inspector Space Time
Horsebot 3000
Jeff Garlin's Trailer
Stuck in a Vending Machine
Fire Alarm
Troy and Abed in the Morning
Troy and Abed in the Morning, Kettle Korn
Hard to be Jewish
Being a Greendale Janitor Sucks
Kickpuncher vs. Punchkicker
Pierce's Rap Jam
Troy and Abed as Batmen
Pencil Mouth
Troy and Abed Voice Randoms

And the one that started it all: Troy and Abed's Spanish Rap

Which Community end tag is your favorite? List your top five in the comments!

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