When Did You Realize You Loved Community?

Schedules be damned! We're covering our favorite comedy, Community, every week until NBC puts it back on the air.

Developing a relationship with a TV show is a lot like developing a romantic relationship, except it's much cheaper (cable company monopoly pricing aside). Sometimes you hit it off right away, declare your love immediately, and elope to Vegas with a Michael Jackson-impersonating blackjack dealer as your witness. Sometimes you end up in a Meg Ryan romantic comedy, and you hate each other at first but realize later that opposites attract.

Given that Community was recently voted Best Overall Series of 2011 by TV.com readers, I know I'm not alone in scribbling "Mr. Tim Community" inside a heart on my notepad. For me, Community is one of those shows that took a bit of time to get to know before really understanding its brilliance. The show's early episodes didn't give us much indication of the Easter-egg-laden internet sensation it would become as it found its legs. Heck, before the first half of Season 1 was over, I actually had eyes for another then-new comedy: ABC's Modern Family. But there's one moment I fondly remember as the moment that Community began to separate itself from the rest of the pack. It was an innocent exchange between Jeff and Troy in Episode 6, "Football, Feminism, and You."

The timing! The Troy! The "That's Racist!"es! So. Funny.

And it was only a week later that Community and I went to third base with the show's first Halloween episode, "Introduction to Statistics." Annie in a skin-tight skeleton outfit dancing around the drug-fueled mind of Pierce's Beastmaster! Abed dressed as Batman rescuing Jeff and Pierce from a crumbling furniture fort! Annie in a skin-tight skeleton suit! That was the episode that made me realize Community was awesome, and that I was in love.

When did you realize YOU loved Community? Or, if you're not as infatuated as we are, what turns you off about the show?

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