Which Heroes hero is about to kick the bucket?

Cheerleaders kissing other chicks only goes so far in the ratings department. What really does the trick is killing off characters, and that's exactly what Heroes is going to do, according to an online report.

E! Online says the Heroes writing room is busy at work crafting the demise of one of the show's major characters, and it isn't some two-bit role that's getting the axe. The character in question is allegedly male, from the original cast, and will be severely missed by the fans. And from the sound of it, he will stay dead.

By my guesstimations, that leaves us with the following candidates: Parkman, Mohinder, Hiro, Peter, H.R.G., Sylar, and Ando. I can't see any way they would be able to get away with killing Sylar, so let's take him off the list. As likable as Ando is, his death just wouldn't have the impact that E! implies. Ditto for Mohinder.

My money is on Parkman, but that's just a hunch. Plus, actor Greg Grunberg could easily get another job, thanks to his good buddy J.J. Abrams. But if Heroes really wants to deliver a shocking blow, Hiro would be the perfect character to kill off.

What say you, Heroes fans? Is this a good step for the show? Is there someone you would like to see kick the bucket?

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