Which shows are coming back for ABC?

Showrunners across the country are biting their nails right about now, waiting to see if they will have a job next season or if their shows--their babies--will get cancelled. Well ABC made the first announcements today, revealing which of its lineup got an early renewal.

First, let's get the obvious pickups out of the way: Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Desperate Housewives, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will all be back for the 2009-2010 season. No surprises there.

Next, here are the sort-of-obvious-but-still-wondering-why-they're-on-the-air-in-the-first-place pickups: America's Funniest Home Videos, Supernanny, and Wife Swap. This section is also known as the bargain bin--cheap shows that only need moderate ratings to be profitable.

The remaining three pickups were at least in question at some point. Brothers & Sisters gets another season, probably because it has some of the best take home from advertisers, as revealed in a prior study. Ugly Betty was looking on the ropes when ABC decided to bump it unexpectedly, but Mode will be back. And finally, Private Practice will hang on for a third season (thank you, Grey's!).

One show's absence that will raise some eyebrows is Samantha Who?, which was a quick hit its freshman year and was almost instantly renewed. Scrubs is also almost certainly done. The other question is which of ABC's new shows will return. Fighting for another season are Cupid, Better Off Ted, Castle, and The Unusuals--of that foursome, I really only see Castle as having a shot (though Better Off Ted, being a half-hour comedy, has a slim chance as well).

Though this list looks almost identical to the one put out almost a year ago, there's one HUGE difference: No According to Jim. What shows are you waiting to hear about?

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