Who Will Be Absent From Lost's Final Season?

If you've kept yourself completely in the dark on what's ahead for the sixth and final season of Lost, then God bless you and your inhuman willpower—but by all means LEAVE NOW! Not that we've got any real spoilers to share, since this info has been readily bandied about on the Web and at Comic-Con. But still, we've got your best Lost-viewing interests at heart.

This is what we do know: A ton of former Lost characters, both "dead" and alive, will return next season (the consensus is that we will see what would've happened if Oceanic 815 wasn't torn to pieces over the Pacific). A promotional poster has shown regular cast members alongside dead Losties—including Charlotte, Ana Lucia, and Mr. Eko—and it's no secret that Ian Somerhalder (Boone) and others have been filming scenes in Hawaii for the final season.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, there appears to be one actress who won't be returning, but it's her choice. Actress Maggie Grace, who plays the spoiled bitch dearly departed Shannon, has not signed on for the final season, according to E! Online.

If, like me, you're wondering what's going on in this girl's head to deny an opportunity to finish out Lost, here's the deal: Apparently, her work schedule is pretty manic at the moment, and she can't make the time to head back to Hawaii to film a few scenes for the show that made her famous. But still, not finishing off Lost? You have to be 10 types of crazy not to want to be part of that (or upset you were killed off early).

If she stays away, she'll join Harold Perrineau, who played Michael "Waaaaalt!" Dawson, as the only (known) former character not returning (we'll see who makes the final cut). Perrineau apparently has not been asked to return... yet?

In other Lost news, Jeff Fahey and Zuleikha Robinson, who played wacky pilot Frank Lapidus and bounty hunter Ilana, respectively, have been upped to regular status. My question is this: Will Ilana finally have a purpose this time around?

I know Shannon wasn't exactly a fan favorite, but don't you think she should be back with the rest of the cast?

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