Who Won TV's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest? (PHOTOS)

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Hopefully the Halloween Hangover you had from eating sacks full of candy is abated by now, thanks to a breakfast of scrambled insulin. However, your recollection of the entire week may be blurry after snorting all those Pixy Stix—what was that, like, three kilos? Anyway, if you're still feeling a little fuzzy, don't worry: We got you covered! On the television front, at least. We don't have photos of that person in the sexy Tim Allen costume you hooked up with, but we do have photos of our favorite Halloween costumes from the television's celebration of All Hallow's Eve, and we need you to help us pick out a winner. 

Below you'll find a gallery of your favorite television characters (plus a few actors and talk show hosts) in costume, so click, click, click until your thumbs bleed. You'll also find some made-up honors that we've bestowed upon our favorite and not-so-favorite outfits. Want to award recognition to a particular costume? Make a shout-out in the comments. And remember, you only have 364 days left to plan next year's costume and party! Don't forget to leave Julianne Hough off your guest list!

Most "TV Stars, They're Just Like So Much More Adorable Than Us!": Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable family

And people wonder why we want NPH to adopt us.

Most Committed to the Cause: LIVE's Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

These two donned like a million costumes, paying homage to Michonne from The Walking Dead, England's royal baby, Sons of AnarchyBreaking BadDuck Dynasty, and many more (see additional photos in the gallery above)! Major A for effort. 

Most Obnoxious Network-induced Out-of-Context-ness: Parks and Recreation

Can't wait to see this episode on November 14, NBC!

Cutest Example of "Erroneous Wordplay": Trophy Wife's Bert as "The Ironing Man"

Way to stand your ground and hold out for the real Iron Man outfit, Bert. 

Most Likely to Wear a Costume Totally Independently of Whether It's Actually Halloween: The Vampire Diaries

For someone who never, ever goes to class, Elena sure knew a lot about Anne Boleyn. Somewhere on the Other Side, Alaric is raising a glass of bourbon and patting himself on the back.

Most Disturbing Use of Fake Boobs: Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj and Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson During Her Baywatch Years (TIE)

Seriously, these are even more unsettling than those hospital gown costumes with the molded plastic butts. 

Best Group Costume: The Neighbors' family sandwich

We could totally go for a BLT right now. 

Best terrible impression of a late-night host: New Girl's Winston as David Letterman

We'd watch Winston's talk show in a heartbeat. 

Best Practical Use for a Costume: Beverly Goldberg's Sheet ghost

While most television characters put on costumes just to be part of Halloween festivities, The Goldbergs' meddling matriarch draped a sheet over herself and attended a high-school party as a ghost in order to spy on her son Barry. It was the perfect (literal) cover… until she blew it, of course.

Best Combination Pizza: Kristen Schaal's Celebration of Slut-o-ween on The Daily Show

Female empowerment with extra cheese. See the full segment here.

Most Ouroborus: The Honey Boo Boo gang as the Kardashians 

Naturally, the episode will air in January. 

Show We Wish Was Still Around to Do Halloween Episodes: Happy Endings

We miss these guys so much. Stupid Latoya.

Which show/character/TV star do you think won Halloween this year?

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