Who Would You Cast As Wonder Woman?

Invisible jets are about to increase an infinite percent on your TVs, because Warner Bros. TV is bringing Wonder Woman back to your living room. The studio revealed it was working on the project with Ally McBeal's David E. Kelley behind the scenes, creating an interesting topic of discussion: What the heck is David E. Kelley doing with a Wonder Woman show?

But a much more interesting topic came about in the comments section of our Wonder Woman mention: Who should play the new Wonder Woman? Let's examine the obvious and not-so-obvious candidates, and make sure you scroll all the way down for our pick.

Evangeline Lilly

Previous Experience: Kate from Lost
Pros: She's certainly hot enough.
Cons: She said she was quitting acting.

Katee Sackhoff

Previous Experience: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
Pros: She's got sci-fi cache! And she's a great physical fit for the role.
Cons: She's blonde!

Jennifer Garner

Previous Experience: That girl from Alias
Pros: She proved on Alias that she can kick ass.
Cons: She's a hotshot movie star now. Plus, she has a goblin-child to take care of.

Eliza Dushku

Previous Experience: Echo from Dollhouse
Pros: She's certainly hot enough. Is a good physical actress.
Cons: Not the best acting actress.

Summer Glau

Previous Experience: River from Firefly
Pros: Has a legion of stalker-like online fans.
Cons: She's a bit scrawny to play Wonder Woman, don't you think? Plus, she's a show cancellation magnet.

Kim Kardashian

Previous Experience: A sex tape.
Pros: Maybe she'd do her own stunts and hurt herself.
Cons: Everything else.

Betty White

Previous Experience: Guest Star from Everything Recently
Pros: She's the hottest thing in Hollywood right now.
Cons: Her sexiness might distract from the rest of the show.

Rachel Bilson

Previous Experience: Summer from The O.C.
Pros: She's soooooooo cutesy wootsy! Like a baby chipmunk!
Cons: Unless the new Wonder Woman overpowers criminals by being adorable, we're not sure she can pull off the gravitas the role demands.

Christina Hendricks

Previous Experience: Joan from Mad Men
Pros: Is there any other woman so wonderful?
Cons: There's not enough spandex in the universe for a top that could contain her superpowers.

Neil Patrick Harris

Previous Experience: Barney from How I Met Your Mother
Pros: He can sing! He can dance!
Cons: We're sure some lame-o will have a problem with this somewhere.

And our near-unanimous choice to play the new Wonder Woman...

Aisha Tyler

Previous Experience: Lana from Archer (voice)
Pros: Every single thing about her.
Cons: Absolutely none.

Who would YOU cast as the new Wonder Woman?

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