Who wouldn't want Paul Rudd to DJ their Bat Mitzvah?

Paul Rudd was once a Bat Mitzvah DJ. And yes, it was epic.

Gawker has discovered this warm-up tape in which Katie Couric gets in a few jabs at Sarah Palin.


... Michael Ausiello talked to House's Lisa Edelstein about Huddy and then some.

... Yeah, it's still Shark Week. And here is a reel of Sharks' Greatest Hits .

... Could Ricky Gervais replace Steve Carrell on The Office? Talk about a loop-de-loop casting move!

... Read a preview of David Hasselhoff's Comedy Central roast. Apparently even KITT has something to say.

... How much money will it take to launch Oprah's new network? More than $100 million.

... Gleeks, take note: Kristin Chenoweth may be getting her own musical show!

... And in actual Glee news, the music of Sir Paul McCartney and the actual Susan Boyle are likely to be heard/seen in Season 2.

... Here's the NYTimes' take on The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.

... Lou Ferrigno, a.k.a. THE HULK, is set to appear on an episode of Chuck.

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Lou Ferrigno appearing on Chuck should be interesting.
It was only a matter of time before another musical show made its way to tv. The death of dramas is coming to make way for high school musical hell
ahah paul rudd is awesome

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