Whoops, They Did It Again: AMC Reveals Rosie's Murderer in a The Killing DVD Ad

Don't worry, this story is safe to read without being spoiled unless you watch the video below.

AMC has done it again. Just one month after a flubbed DVD ad spoiled a major character death on The Walking Dead, the same fate has befallen one of the network's other dramas.

Remember when last year's Season 1 finale of The Killing angered viewers and critics alike by not answering the question (and series tagline) of "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" Well, tonight marks the two-hour Season 2 premiere of the whodunit drama, but fans who happened to catch the following promo, which aired on AMCtv.com alongside the latest Season 2 trailer, may no longer need to tune in.

The ad—which announces a special Blu-ray collector's edition of The Killing's first season featuring "ten hours of previously unseen cast commentary"—features a clip of the cast member whose character turns out to be the killer recalling his/her reaction to the news. We've embedded the offending video below, but be warned: Scroll down and ye shall be spoiled.

Whoops, J/K, April Fool's! No spoilers for you! And in hindsight, isn't it better that way? Also, credit where credit's due: Mean-but-funny "Holder flipping the bird" .gif by Tumblr user peenmonger.

The Killing returns for Season 2 at 8pm tonight on AMC. Will you be watching?

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