Who's the Most Underutilized Actor on TV?

The big news out of ABC today is that Rob Lowe wants to leave Brothers & Sisters because he feels "underutilized," according to Deadline Hollywood. He's been released from his contract, but ABC is trying to work something out to keep him on the network.

It's tough to get enough camera time for everyone in an ensemble cast, and Brothers & Sisters is loaded with talent. If Lowe wants to leave, it's his prerogative—and probably not a bad idea.

But his decision got us thinking: Who else should leave their big ponds for smaller fish bowls? T.R. Knight recently said goodbye to Grey's Anatomy, and is working in theater now. Is that a win? Who knows.

Here's our quick list:

Lance Reddick, Fringe
We love Broyles, but Reddick is such a commanding actor, we can't help but feel a little cheated that most of his time is spent merely chewing out the Fringe Division.

Everyone, entire Law & Order franchise
The stars of each episode are the suspects, not the people trying them. Imagine Mariska Hargitay as the lead on a show like The Good Wife.

Kevin Rahm and Tuc Watkins, Desperate Housewives
They can be more than just the gay guys on the block.

Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy
Yeah, this one's obvious. And yeah, you can say she brought it on herself by throwing so many tantrums. But she's the closest thing to a movie star the show has, and they're letting her bump uglies with a ghost?

Ken Leung, Lost
Seriously, why is Miles on the show anyway? Give this guy some importance! Ditto for Caesar and Ilana (though I have a sneaking suspicion they'll be huge in Season 6).

Help us fill out our list! Who else do you think is underutilized on TV?

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