Whose Famous TV Mustache Is Your All-Time Favorite? A Movember-themed Poll

It's a weird time of year: Some of us are still gorging our way through bags of half-price Halloween candy, some of us are already braving shopping malls full of "seasonal" decorations in search of holiday gifts, and some of us are trying to grow as ridiculous a mustache as possible in a single month.

Let us explain: Every year during the month of November, men taking part in a movement known as Movember cast their razors aside to let the hair on their upper lips grow freely in hopes of raising both awareness and funds for men's health issues. You can read more at the official Movember website, but suffice it to say that some members of the TV.com staff are participating, and things are starting to get a bit hairy around here.

So naturally we got to thinking of what a certain few TV characters and personalities might be able to do if they put their minds upper lips to it. Which brings us to the question of the day: Which TV character or actor has (or used to have) the most Movember-worthy soup-strainer, nose neighbor, crumb-catcher, or [insert your favorite synonym for a mustache here]? Vote for your favorites below!

Note: To submit a write-in candidate, type the actor's name.

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