Why Not Watch the Premieres of Do No Harm and Smash Now, for Free? (VIDEO)

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Television broadcast premiere dates? Those are for the commoners! You, dear friend, are a trendsetter and a valuable opinion, so you get to see the premieres of two of NBC's midseason shows before those who are still confused by the internet do. NBC has released the Season 2 premiere of Smash and the series premiere of Do No Harm online for free and you can watch them both below.

Smash's rousing musical showstoppers (adjust the amount of sarcasm here to match your personal opinion of the show) will return with a two-hour premiere on February 5, but the first hour is now available. Season 2 is getting one of the biggest makeovers of the midseason, coming back with a new showrunner and a major cast overhaul as Smash continues to tinker with its creative direction. Dev, Frank, Michael, and Ellis were all canned over break (though they may not all be gone for good), and Gossip Girl producer Josh Safran took over as new boss. Making their way in are new cast members Jennifer Hudson, Sean Hayes, Liza Minnelli, and Jesse L. Martin.

Smash S02E01: "On Broadway"

Also available via: Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

More exciting is the premiere of Do No Harm, NBC's latest attempt at the genre of split lives, dueling dual personalities, and fractured psyches. Steven Pasquale stars as Dr. Jason Cole, a successful surgeon who has everything in the world going for him except for the fact that every night at 8:25pm, his alternate personality tries to destroy his life through reckless and dangerous sex capades, cocaine marathons, and criminal enterprises. It's basically my life, except he has an excuse. Anyway, I've seen the first two episodes and while it's completely ludicrous, it's also a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season partly as a genuinely interested professional and partly as a rubber-necking car-crash spectator. And I'm just going to go ahead and say that because of its all-or-nothing tone and interweaving of legit medical drama, I think Do No Harm may actually have a shot at a second season.

Do No Harm S01E01: "Pilot"

Also available on Hulu.

Watch them both and then let the world know what you think, starting in the comments below.

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