Why the Last Two Minutes of Community Are the Best Part of the Show

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While there will always be talk on Community about the “will they or won’t they?” chemistry between Brita and Jeff, Annie and Jeff, or hell, anyone and Jeff, the creators need not worry—they have all the chemistry they need with Troy and Abed. Most episodes of Community, when not overly focused on Jeff’s love life, are pretty funny, but they’re nothing compared to the brilliance of the Troy and Abed bits that play as the credits roll. Part of this is due to logistics: The show is 22 minutes long, must appeal to an enormous segment of the population, and has to worry about things like character development and punchy jokes. The end credits, however, are anywhere from thirty seconds to 1:30 long, and in Troy and Abed’s World, there are no rules.

Troy and Abed are obviously pals on the show, and their plotlines often overlap, but more than any other duo on Community, you can believe that their characters actually like hanging out together. (Last night's Animal House episode offered a fine example of this, as the pair set out to fulfill Abed's "bucket list" of classic college experiences). Not because they’re so alike, but because they’re both loopy in the exact same way. Their bits remind me of the summer between middle school and high school, when my friends and I, bored out of our minds, created an entire television network for homeless people. We filmed TV shows, commercials, a shopping show, and news broadcasts. If those tapes ever surface, I imagine they'll hold a poor imitation of what Troy and Abed do every week: genuinely entertain themselves. They crunk, they recreate movies, they have their own morning talk show, they even imitate Bert and effing Ernie. They do it all as Troy and Abed, and it’s all believable.

It all started, as you may recall, with the Spanish Rap clip at the end of the second episode, which was perhaps filmed as a DVD or Internet extra and tacked onto the end of the show when it ran a few seconds short. The bit was clearly never part of the script, but rather a product of two characters with time on their hands, and it was hilarious. The response was so enormous that since then, there’s been a Troy and Abed bit at the end of every episode. They take the show from being about people who exist in a semi-real world and turn it into a show where real people do funny things that don’t advance the plot in the slightest. Just like our friends. Their bits are the “Royale with Cheese” conversation of the sitcom world, and I love them for it.

As long as Troy and Abed keep filming themselves goofing off, I’ll keep telling my DVR to record an extra three or four minutes at the end of each episode so I never miss it.

Which Troy and Abed bit has been your favorite so far?

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