Why You Won't Want To Be Reunited

When we heard that Cold Feet's creator was writing another romance comedy we weren't immediately thrilled. It's not that Cold Feet wasn't good; it's that the premise for this new show is almost exactly the same. Like the 90s show, BBC One's Reunited is about a group of 30-something friends who have intertwined love and social lives. The only difference in this latest pilot is that they're old university mates who've only recently got back in contact.

Does any of this sound familiar? Married Single Other, which was incidentally produced by the same people as Cold Feet, had a similar foundation to both these shows. The ITV show, which aired this spring, flopped in the ratings and only lasted one season. Not a good omen, is it? Especially when Reunited is slower, cheesier and an extra half-hour long.

The show opens in Tokyo where sex-obsessed Hannah (Survivors' Zoe Tapper) lays aside her boss in a hotel bed. An over-dramatised scene follows in which his wife takes revenge by shooting him in the arm (as you do). Meanwhile, as Hannah flees she picks up a British newspaper that announces the wedding of her ex-boyfriend. Yes, it really is that over the top.

Back in Britain Hannah instigates a reunion with her old friends purely to get back in contact with old flame Martin (Joseph Millson), now a handsome architect. The clichés don't stop there. The rest of the friendship group consists of ladies' man Rob (Ed Byrne) and struggling married couple Danny (Navin Chowdhry) and Belinda (Emma Stansfield).

The only character to add any depth or diversity is new-found Christian, Sarah. Prone to nervous breakdowns the reliable, but needy, supervisor relies on her old friends to add meaning to her life. She's not the most likeable person but she and her protective sister Fran (played by Sarah Jane Potts) do provide originality that the others do not.

From the familiar concept to the customary Bridget Jones soundtrack Reunited will have you annoyed on two fronts – firstly, by its severe case of de ja vu, and secondly, by dumping promising British actors with lazy, samey scripts. A full series looks doubtful but if you're still intrigued by the premise the pilot airs on BBC One on Wednesday, June 30 at 9pm (or 10.45pm in Scotland).

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Hmm you're not selling it very well.
The talent involved in this looks great. It sounds dreadful but I might give it a go anyway.

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